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While Tegan, our heroine in Beg Me to Slay, struggles to keep her dojo afloat, she rejects any monetary help from her wealthy parents who live in the La Costa resort near the golf course. Here is one of my favorite scenes while Gabe and Tegan attend her birthday party at her parent’s house. She doesn’t want them to know her attacker is back in town and worry about her, so she introduces Gabe as a “friend”, but her parents assume they’re dating and the charade gets away from them…


He shouldn’t have kissed her. Even on the cheek. He’d fucked

up the second his lips brushed her skin. Royally. He’d misjudged

his own control over his attraction for his client. Not Tegan, his

client. His client who was being hunted by a Hingo demon.

But he’d seen her face afterward, her eyes, and he’d have

sworn she’d enjoyed it, too.

Damn it. Now he felt like a complete asshole. And worse

yet, he still wanted her. He had no business wondering what her

mouth would taste like or how her hands would feel sliding up

his chest.

This was his fault. When had he forgotten this was not actually

a date? Rookie mistake.

“There you are.” He turned to find Nancy reaching for him.

“We lost our honored guest.”

He gestured to the stairs, watching Tegan. “She’s on her way.”

With every step, her gaze stayed locked on his. He should

break the connection and save what was left of his pride, but

seeing her with the moonlight on her hair, her dress revealing

bare shoulders that begged to be kissed, he couldn’t look away.

He was so screwed.

The crowd parted as Tegan came through, walking directly

toward him. His pulse quickened in anticipation.

Of what, God only knew. Maybe that was part of what made

this woman so irresistible.

Now standing toe-to-toe with him, her hands slid across his

abdomen and around his waist. She rose up on the balls of her

feet, her eyes on his. Her lips parted, drawing him closer, and her

whisper brushed over his mouth.

“Kiss me.”

He brought his hands up, not letting himself do anything but

obey, and buried his fingers in her silky hair, his lips claiming hers.

Her tongue slid past his lips. Deep in the back of his throat he

growled with desire. She tasted like honey and raindrops. Heaven

right there in his arms.

Applause broke the kiss.

He glanced at the crowd and smiled. Tegan turned around

slowly. He could see the blush creeping up her cheeks. Taking her

hand he addressed the other guests. “Sorry about that, but her

birthday kiss couldn’t wait any longer.”

Her mother laughed along with the rest of the crowd, easing

the tension. Tegan’s fingers stayed laced with his, leaving him to

wonder what the hell had just happened.

Trying to second-guess Tegan was like trying to track a


A tornado he had no business chasing.


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  2. sonia Forbus says:

    thanks for the giveaway haven’t read Beg Me to slay yet but it is on my kindle waiting patiently . shared

  3. LorettaLynn says:

    This year the plan is to get all them reviews up from all the wonderful books I have read:)
    Happy New Year!

  4. Donna Harms says:

    This year I plan to simplify and get rid of the clutter/chaos and to work on my inner peace so that I can have less stress and be more calm (this one will be the hardest) and the last one is to dig out a book I started many moons ago in high school and finish it…it doesn’t have to go any where past the walls of my house but I want to finish it.

    • Lisa Kessler says:

      I need to gain control of the chaos in my house this year too… Now all I need is time! LOL

      I love that you’re going to finish your book… Awesome goal for the year!

      Lisa πŸ™‚

  5. Tammy Payne says:

    Thank you for the fantastic giveaway and I will be reading Beg Me To Slay very soon πŸ™‚

  6. Froggy says:

    I am not having any luck getting bittenbybooks to open up…will keep trying!

    I resolve to keep losing more weight!

    • Lisa Kessler says:

      Oh I need to lose weight too… Sucks that it’s so much more fun to put it on… *sigh*

      Happy New Year Froggy!!! πŸ™‚



  7. heather says:

    How did you guys meet?

    • Lisa Kessler says:

      Jill & I are both in San Diego and met at the RWA Chapter in San Diego. We also hang out and dance at conferences… We’re silly like that! πŸ™‚

      Happy New Year!

      Lisa πŸ™‚

  8. BookLady says:

    What a fascinating book! Beg Me To Slay is on my TBR list. Thanks for the fantastic giveaway. Happy New Year!

    • Lisa Kessler says:

      Yay! Thanks for adding Beg Me to Slay to your reading list! I hope you enjoy the book…

      Happy New Year!

      Lisa πŸ™‚

  9. Rebecca Baker says:

    fun contest book sounds good

  10. LaGina says:

    My new years resolution is to not buy as money books as i did last year….when i get da hubs new bank account info. .;)

  11. Karen Origer-Greco says:

    My New Year’s resolution is to get my house better organized and less cluttered.

    • Lisa Kessler says:

      I need to do that too Karen! πŸ™‚ Now I just need the time…

      Hope you enjoy Beg Me to Slay!

      Happy New Year!

      Lisa πŸ™‚

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