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Hi everyone!

Sorry I missed blogging last week… I did get my edits turned in for Night Walker and I’m anxiously awaiting my second round edits. This past week my publisher hosted two webinars to help educate their authors on marketing and branding our new books.

I’m really excited about the future. To have a publisher that cares enough about each book they’re about to release that they pay to educate their authors, is a blessing! Instead of worrying and feeling like I’m tap dancing on ice, I feel encouraged and very excited about the future of Night Walker.

I have no doubt my book found the perfect home…

This Friday I’ll be guest blogging on my publisher’s site and finally revealing the cover for Night Walker!!! I can’t wait to share it with all of you!!! It’s so much better than I ever dreamed, and the tagline for the book was so perfect! I wish I had thought of it… LOL

The next few weeks are going to be crazy, but in a very good way. First off, I updated my website and added a spot for you to sign up for my newsletter. (I don’t have one yet! LOL But I’m working on a pretty one that will hopefully come out once a month with updates, and some fun tidbits about the book.)

I hope you’ll sign up for the newsletter. It’s super easy! Just click here… and enter your email address in the box. You’ll get an email to confirm your subscription and *poof* you’ll be subscribed and hopefully we’ll have fun! J

I’m also going to be recruiting the world’s most amazing street team just like rock bands have, only this will be for books. Sound fun? I’m working on some cool street team goodies (Besides a 13″ X 9″ baking dish of homemade brownies! LOL) So if you’re interested in helping me get the word out about Night Walker, please leave me a comment or shoot me an email I’d love to hear from you!

The Forgotten Treasures short story anthology is still underway. I’ve got a great editor helping me clean it up and hope to have that available for you soon! In the meantime, Across the Veil, is finally available on Barnes & Noble!!! J I’ve got links up and some new reviews. If you enjoyed Across the Veil, please post a review… Every little bit of publicity helps!

Thanks so much for all your support!!! I know some of you (especially my Blogophilia buddies!) have been visiting my blogs week in and week out, some of you for years! You’ve helped me keep my chin up and keep moving toward my dream of being a published writer, and it means SO much to me to be able to share this with you!!! Thanks again for all the cyber hugs and smiles and helping me play away my troubles along this bumpy journey… You really do rock!!!

Thought I’d toss in a flash fiction, murder in 250 words or less, this week… Hope you enjoy it!



Freedom – By Lisa Kessler


They lived under his reign for too long. Under his rule, they’d been poisoned, trapped, and some even killed. Their homes were demolished repeatedly.

It had to stop.

For the past few months, they gathered in secret, organizing and plotting with one single goal.


Unified in their purpose, they worked day and night, digging tunnels and trenches. They kept their work hidden until the day their rebel leader ventured out to inspect their trap.

He scrambled behind the foliage, watching for any sign of the tyrant. His heart raced while he ventured out into the open. He tapped gently on the soil, and heard the hollow thud echo back.

They were ready.

He waited in the clearing, knowing he was the bait. Their target approached, whistling until he saw the rebel leader. Sour words spat from his lips, and he raced for his pickax. The rebel leader stood his ground, fighting the urge to run until he felt certain beyond a shadow of a doubt that his pursuer would follow.

“What the Hell are you doin’ out here?” the tyrant bellowed, raising the pickax over his head.

The rebel leader finally turned and ran, leaping into a well hidden hole, just as the tyrant stepped onto their trap. The ground collapsed and the tyrant and his pickax fell into the rebel’s pit with a bone-crunching thud.

He squealed in pain and gasped, “Goddamned Gophers!”

His eyes fluttered and his breath hissed out.

The tyrant was no more.

(For Marvin – We had the 13″ x 9″ baking dish, included tap dancing on ice, and played away my troubles… J)

  • Yay!!! How exciting. Can’t wait to see the cover!!

    Write on, my friend.

    • Thanks Lynn!!! 🙂 can’t wait to share it with you!!! I love it!!!

      See you later this week! LOL

      Lisa 🙂

  • Marvin Martian

    8 points Earthling! 🙂 gotta watch those gophers, they be tricky! 🙂
    Sounds like a fantastic publisher you have there!

    • Thank you Marvin!!!

      I’m thrilled with my publisher so far… Can’t wait to show you the long-awaited cover!

      Thanks for all the encouragment over the past 3 years!!! You rock!!!


      Lisa 🙂

  • Ana

    That is great Lisa, can’t wait to hear more about the book and see the cover.

    • Thanks Ana!!! Ic an’t wait to show it to you!!! They did a fabulous job on it!!! 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by to read and comment!!!


      Lisa 🙂

  • Cori

    I’m so excited you found such a great publisher!! Entangled ROCKS!! Count me in for your street team–and I’m not just saying that for the brownies…okay, not entirely for the brownies. 😉 I’m even more excited to get my hands on a copy of Night Walker!!

    • YAY!!!! I’d love to have you on my street team Cori!!! Thank you!!!

      I have another volunteer from the UK too!!! It’ll be an international street team! WOOT! LOL

      Can’t wait to share the cover too… 😀

      Thanks for reading and commenting!!!

      Lisa 🙂

  • Karen Ritte

    Congrats, Lisa. It all sounds good!

    • Thanks Karen!!! 🙂

      I’m so excited!!! Hope to see you later this week at my cover unveiling!!! WOOT!!! 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by to read and comment…

      Lisa 🙂


  • yay! congrats!!

    • Thanks Joleene!!!

      Hope to see you later this week when I can show off my pretty cover!!! WOOT!!! 🙂


  • DJ Myke

    We got gophers here. Now, I have to make it a point to pay them more attention, and give them more respect.

    Wait a minute… He went after them with a simple pickax? That just won’t do.

    • Hee! I think he was using the pickax for yardwork and encountered the gophers…

      But we know who had the last laugh…. LOL

      Watch out for the pesky varmints DJ Myke! 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!


      Lisa 🙂

  • Awesome!

    • Thanks Sharonlee!!! 🙂

      Great to see you again!!!

      Lisa 🙂

  • Eeee! The cover is forthcoming.

    Something tells me this is gonna be *hawt (sizzle!)* stuff!

    All this is happening crazy fast, Lisa. I’m SO happy NW is going to be out soon. 🙂

    • Hey Lisa Marie!!! *waving*

      Oh the cover is full of YUM!!! Can’t wait to share it with you!!! 🙂

      Thanks for all your support for Night Walker!!! I really appreciate it!!!

      Lisa 🙂

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