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Hi everyone –


It’s March! St. Patrick’s Day, Luck o’the Irish, four leaf clovers, pot o’gold, and the list goes on…


This is the month for good luck, right?


So why not give away some book prizes?


Welcome to my stop on the Feelin’ Lucky Blog Hop!

I’ve been feeling very lucky lately! Night Walkeris being re-released in Mass-Market paperback in May, and in June I’ll have a new cover to share for Night Thief!!! Can’t wait!!!


I also recently released my first short story collection, Forgotten Treasures! Since I got my start writing horror short stories, it felt great to hold the collection in my hands!


And now it’s your turn to be lucky! J


First Prize Winner – Will receive an e-Book copy of Night Walker, Book 1 in the Night Series!

Second Prize Winner – Will receive a signed paperback copy of Forgotten Treasures! (25 Short Stories)

Third Prize Winner
– Will receive an eBook copy of Across the Veil and signed Night Walker trading cards!

So how do you win the fabulous Blog Hop Prizes? EASY!

1) Leave me a question or a comment here at my blog below. Please also leave your email address so I can notify you in case you are a winner!

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Big Thank You goes out to my friends at and
for organizing this fun Blog Hop!!!


I thought in honor of the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day holiday I’d share a short story with you…


Hope you enjoy!



Alfred’s Quest – By Lisa Kessler


You’re only given a little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it. – Robin Williams


The tiny man dashed across the street, and after checking to the right and left, he dove underneath a discarded Big Mac box. Alfred grinned. He had him.


Fighting the urge to lurch into action, he looked down the street each way. The little bugger would love it if he stepped right in front of a truck. But Alfred had no intention of giving the leprechaun the last laugh.

After twenty years, he was entitled to that honor.

With no oncoming traffic in sight, Alfred hustled as quietly as he could across the pavement, toward the empty hamburger box. He could already imagine the feel of the gold coins sliding through his fingers. A whole pot of gold. Endless opportunities would be his. Whatever caught his fancy, he would have. Anything. He could pay now and worry later. For once, there would be no consequences.

He hadn’t felt this good in years.

He started to bend down, his fingers splayed open to scoop up the box with the leprechaun caught inside, when a shadow moved over the box and a voice interrupted his greedy thoughts.

“Let me get that for you, Mister.”

To his horror, a dirty hand snatched the Big Mac box from the ground and dropped it into a black trash bag. Alfred gasped and straightened to find a Boy Scout smiling up at him.


“I’m cleaning up the park.”

“Why would you do that?” Alfred wrung his hands, his eyes shifting from the boy to the bag.

“Because I’m helping my community.” The boy grinned. “I only need two more hours to finish my merit badge.”

Boy-bag-boy-bag-boy-bag. Alfred was getting dizzy, aching to tackle the short community reformer and take back his prize. Only the threat of being arrested held him in place.

He wet his lips, his gaze pleading with the boy. “I need that garbage.”

“This?” The boy shook the bag back and forth, juggling the contents. “It’s just trash Mister.”

“No it’s not.” Alfred shook his head, stopping himself before he blurted out something about the tiny man imprisoned in the Hefty bag. “I had a receipt in that box.”

“A receipt?” The boy eyed his bag. “I didn’t see any receipt.”

Alfred groaned and held out his hand. “I don’t have time to negotiate this. Just let me get it and you can finish your trash picking.”

“All right.” He handed it over with a shrug. “But you’re crazy to poke through all this garbage. There’s no receipts in there.”

“You’re not the first to call me crazy, boy.” He yanked the bag open, reaching a hand in to search for the leprechaun. He started to smile as he closed his hand. “But you’ll be the last. It’s time I laid it all on the line.” He pulled his hand free of the bag, presenting it proudly to the boy scout. “I told you it wasn’t all trash.”


Alfred looked at the tiny man with a bright red face and matching hair. He wasn’t wearing a little green suit like the cartoons. He actually wore a camouflage get-up that helped him blend in with the grass and leaves. His glare shot daggers, but Alfred could care less. He’d been chasing this little man for years and finally he would have the last laugh.

He glanced back over at the boy and frowned when he saw the boy scrunching up his face and backing away. “What’s wrong with you, boy? Don’t you know what this is?”

The boy nodded, but his expression didn’t change.

“You’re looking at an honest-to-God Leprechaun! Do you know what that means?”

The boy’s eyes widened. “That’s no leprechaun, Mister. It’s a half eaten chicken leg.”

“What?” Alfred glared at the little man in his hand. “Don’t be using your magic on the boy. I caught you. You have to do what I say.”

The tiny bastard flipped him the bird. Alfred shook his fist, and then brought the leprechaun up closer to his face. “You’re a rude little bugger. You still owe me a pot of gold.”

The Boy Scout retrieved his sack and quietly turned to walk away, but Alfred called out, “I’m not crazy. He’s just using his magic on you.”

The boy stopped and narrowed his eyes, taking a closer look at Alfred’s captive. He held his breath. Finally the boy’s gaze wandered up to meet his own. He lowered his voice. “Maybe I just can’t see him behind the chicken leg.”

Alfred sighed and shook his head. “You really can’t see him?”

The boy shook his head. “Nope.”

Alfred stared back down at his angry captive. “After all these years, you won’t even give me this?”

The little man crossed his arms. “Why should I?”


Alfred grinned. “Did you hear that?”

His smile wilted when he saw the boy shaking his head. He shrugged. “Sorry Mister.”

Alfred glared at the little man. “Where’s my pot of gold?”

“Right over there.” The leprechaun pointed. “But you’ll be the only person who can see it.”

He followed the little man’s finger and spotted the black caldron overflowing with gold coins. Swallowing the lump in his throat, Alfred turned, but stopped short. He looked down at the leprechaun. “Wait a minute. If I’m the only one who can see it, I won’t be able to spend any of it.”

A wicked grin spread across the little man’s face. “Not in this world.”

Alfred’s legs felt weak. He stumbled over to a park bench and plopped down. The concerned Boy Scout followed him over.

“Sorry I only see chicken.”

“That’s all right.” Alfred shrugged. “I can’t believe I’ve wasted so many years chasing after this little bastard. It was all for nothing. I wasted my life.”

“At least you were happy.”

The boy’s words hit him right between the eyes. Alfred glanced over at him, temporarily distracted from his woe. “I guess I was.”

The boy nodded. “So if it made you happy, then it wasn’t for nothing, right? My Mom says some people make lots of money all their lives and they’re still not happy.”

The corner of Alfred’s mouth twitched up. “Your Mom sounds like a smart lady.”

He shrugged. “I guess so.”

With his free hand he patted the boy’s shoulder. “Thank you.”


“For what?”

“For reminding me the journey matters, not the final destination.” Alfred bent down and released his tiny prisoner. “Get out of here you little rat bastard. I’ll give you a head start.”

The leprechaun grinned and took off like a shot for the bushes. The Boy Scout gasped, pointing as he hopped to his feet. “Did you see that? It was a… It was…”

Alfred nodded. “Yep it sure was.” He got to his feet and headed toward the rustling leaves. He felt younger already. He glanced over his shoulder at the Boy Scout and winked. “Told you I wasn’t crazy.”



May the Luck of the Irish be with you always!!!


Don’t lose the madness…


Lisa J

  • Lisa, can I please be your best friend? haha 🙂 And can I enter for the second prize? 😀 By the way, that guy in the picture looks almost unreal… his pelvic bone is unreal.
    email: cruz042 at
    blog subscriber: YES! 🙂
    twitter follower: @ariannecruz07
    Goodreads: Arianne Cruz
    newsletter: YES!

    • Hee! You crack me up Arianne!!! 🙂

      When picks my winners I’ll be sure it knows you want 2nd place! LOL

      Thanks for all your support chica!!! You rock!!!

      Lisa 🙂

      PS – I didn’t make the blog pic, just sharing it! Maybe it isn’t real? LOL

      • The guy looks human, just his body doesn’t…


        He’s a Night Walker… O_O

  • Good story, Lisa. Now, as to entering the contest, my e-mail is Tim Lewis is the name. Check out my blog, if you will, at
    Tim Lewis

    • Hi Tim –

      I’m glad you enjoyed the story! 🙂 Thanks for commenting!

      I’ll definitely check out your blog…

      Lisa 🙂

  • Filia Oktarina

    Good story, I enjoyed the excerpt. I want read full story this excerpt, so hope i lucky enough to win this one. haha
    And i like cover book to, it’s very YUMMY for my eyes. *grin
    email: filiafantasy(at)gmail(dot)com
    blog subscriber: Yes! 🙂
    Goodreads: Filia Oktarina

  • Hi Lisa – Congrats on all your upcoming releases!
    Thanks for sharing another wonderful short story!
    Don’t enter me in your contests, unless it’s for the 2nd prize. I have already ENJOYED an ebook of your Forgotten Treasures but would love to win a signed copy… . AND I’ve read ALL of your other books… and thoroughly been hooked on your writing.
    I’m a blog subscriber.
    AND I’m a twitter follower: linda_lindalou
    AND I’m a friend/fan of yours on Goodreads: Linda Townsend

  • Wendy

    Dang Lisa, you come up with some great give-a-ways! Maybe the Irish I have in me will be bring me luck and win – lol ~ May your blessings outnumber the shamrocks that grow, and may trouble avoid you wherever you go. ~Irish Blessing

  • Great story! Thank you so much for entering the hop. I’m not entering, I just wanted to stop by and say hi and thanks. So hi and thanks! Good luck everyone!

  • thanks for being part of our blog hop Lisa!

  • New follower via email
    Friended you via goodreads –trish dechant
    twitter follower via csmaxwell2
    subscribed to newsletter–same email as above
    total: 7
    Thanks for participating in the blog hop and look forward to reading your books!

  • Lauren

    Wow, Night Walker looks amazing! and I love the short stories. They’re quick and fun and are good for reading challenges. lol I have become a fan of yours on GR and have added Night Walker to my TBR list. I subscribed to your newsletter and became a fan on facebook. what’s up with them?

  • Thanks for the chance to win, the prizes look awesome.

    I’ve liked your FB page, friended you on GR (Hillary Curran), followed you on Twitter (@mebuffy), and subscribed to your blog and newsletter ( for both).


  • Julianne

    Kiss the O’Blarney stone. I’d be happy with the trading cards. They are my big weakness. Lisa, do you know what you’ll be working on when you are finished with the Nightwalker trilogy?
    I don’t have a face book or twitter page.
    Added you as a friend on goodreads: Julianne
    subscribed to your newsletter: luvfuzzzeeefaces at yahoo dot com
    subscribed to your blog
    luvfuzzzeeefaces at yahoo dot com

  • Love the blog hops i always join them always find the greatest authors this way and the most intersting books i have ever read. I do have one Question for you what is the most Intersesting book you have ever read. my email is

  • Hi Lisa, Just popping in to try again to win a copy of Night Walker. It’s been on my wishlist for what seems like forever. One of these days, I’ll either win a copy or a GC to a book seller, so I can finally buy it.

    Blog Subscriber drainbamaged.gyzmo at
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    Good Reads Friend & Night Walker on to-read list: Kathryn Merkel

  • foretta

    Hi I am now following you and getting email sub. Thanks so much for the giveaway. I’ve not read anything of yours yet but always like finding new authors

  • That was a fun short story! I’ve always been interested in legends and myths of any kind, including leprechauns.

    Also, congrats on the re-release of Night Walker. 😀

  • Sherry S.

    I like the short story. Thanks for the giveaway.
    I’m following your blog and email subscribed.
    Goodreads – Sherry Strode sent friend request and added your book to my list.
    sstrode at scrtc dot com

  • Joanne Balinski

    Great giveaway. Thanks. I likes the short story.
    Blog subscriber- Joanne Balinski (Networked Blog)
    Twitter follower- @JoanneBalinski
    Newsletter subscriber-
    Goodreads friend and added Night Walker to my to read list- Joanne Balinski


  • Thanks for the short story!! Loved it!! you are a new-to-me author that I am checking out!
    I follow via email:
    Twitter: @MelCamino5
    Good Reads friend: Melissa Bourn

  • Lisa! Thanks for taking part in the hop tour! baaaa Sheep are loving your giveaway prizes. 🙂

  • Denise Z

    Thank you for sharing with us and participating in this fun lucky hop!
    Goodreads / FB Denise Zaky
    twitter = @ZDz59001
    email sub and newsletter

  • The books look great!

    Goodreads ~ Mimi Rose
    email and newsletter
    twitter ~ @mimirose41209

    mimirose41209 at hotmail dot com

  • Both of these books look great. Thanks for the giveaway. booksniffersanonymous at gmail dot com

  • I would love to read your Night Walker books. Thanks for this chance:)

    Twitter: @SweetNSensible
    Goodreads: Sarah Setar

    Email: sarah DOT setar AT gmail DOT com

  • bn100

    Congratulations on your releases!
    I subscribe to your blog.
    I added Nightwalker to my Goodreads list under L.
    I signed up for your newsletter.


  • Tina B

    Do you think that there will be any anthologies pertaining to the series? I LOVE the covers! I have done all of the above (so I’ll be stalking you now). Lol. That was an interesting leprechaun story. Thank you for sharing. And thanks for the HOP!

    Newsletter & Blog Subscriber – trb0917ATgmailDOTcom +5 & +2
    twitter ~ trb0917 +2

  • I love the cover for Nightwalker. Congratulations on the re release and the new book.

    Pamela Jo

  • Carol L.

    I loved Nightwalker. Loved it. 🙂
    Can I enter for prize #2 because I can’t read e-books on this computer. Love the cover.
    Goodreads—Carol Luciano–added book already
    Subscriber to blog—2
    Subscriber to Newsletter—5
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  • Anne R

    Hi Lisa! I have had your book on my TBR list for a while.

    Good reads-Anne R – the book is on my list
    Subscriber to blog & newsletter

    areeths at new dot rr dot com

  • Ashley E

    I subbed your blog and your newsletter, and added your book to my to-read list on Good Reads! Thank you so much for the contest! (I’m salivating over those trading cards… I have a thing about collecting them. :D)


  • Awesome! Great blurb. If I don’t win, I do plan to grab it either way. 🙂

    Question: Why Cruella De Vil? Any “poopies” in your past? 🙂 Sorry, couldn’t help myself. 🙂


    tamibrothers at yahoo dot com

  • Barbara

    LOVED the story, Lisa! Thx for the VERY generous giveaway op! 🙂
    Subscriber to blog
    Subscriber to Newsletter
    Nightwalker is on my Goodreads TBR list
    Liked FB pg

    barbbattaglia @

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