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Hi everyone –

Hop on board the train… We’ve got lots of prizes and partying to do! So grab your vampire or werewolf or… And join in the fun!

Today I’m celebrating with a few of my paranormal and urban fantasy author friends in honor of Barbara Vey’s 5th Anniversary of her Beyond Her Book blog on Publisher’s Weekly.

Barbara Vey has become one of the most visible Romance Bloggers out there and her love and support of the Romance and Urban Fantasy genres are inspiring. Last year I was lucky enough to be her camera operator for all her interviews at Comic-Con! We had a blast…

If you’ve never attended one of Barbara’s virtual parties, this is a super day to see what it’s all about! J Today she’s celebrating Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy, Sci-fi & Time Travel…

My friends and I have a new Kindle-touch up for grabs with an Amazon gift card to start filling it up!!!

But before you go… I have some prizes of our own to offer up! Ready?

First Prize Winner – Will receive an e-Book copy of Night Walker, Book 1 in the Night Series!

Second Prize Winner – Will receive an eBook copy of Across the Veil and a Bubble Bar from Lush!

Third Prize Winner – Will receive a signed copy of Forgotten Treasures! (25 Short Stories!)

So how do you win the fabulous Blog Hop Prizes? EASY!

1) Leave me a question or a comment here at my blog below. Please also leave your email address so I can notify you in case you are a winner!

2) Earn +2 extra chances to win by Subscribing to my Blog…

3) Click on my Twitter link and follow me at:
– You guessed it +2 more chances!!!

4) If you have a Goodreads account, add me as a friend at: and/or add Night Walker to your to-read list

5) Sign up for my newsletter and get +5 entries!

6) This won’t get you any entries because Facebook is mean about contests now, but you can find me and like me here anyway if you choose to! and

And if you’re already following me that still counts! Just mention it in your comment…

But that’s not all! Please hop through the other blogs to win even more prizes and meet some awesome authors!

And finally… Go comment on Barbara Vey’s blog to enter to win the Kindle Touch and gift card!!! Woot!!!

Thanks for joining in the celebration! Great way to start a Monday, right? LOL


  • Who or what would you says has inspired you most in your writing ?Great pics.I am a huge paranormal addict thank you for this chance to win

    • Hi Wanda –

      I would have to say Anne Rice was the one who inspired me to write. I used to LOVE her vampire chronicles and when the books weren’t coming out fast enough, I wanted to write my own… 🙂

      Thanks for entering and commenting!!!

      Don’t forget to go comment on Barbara Vey’s blog for a chance to win the Kindle! 🙂

      Lisa 🙂

  • networked blogs subscriber
    wanda flanagan

  • following you on twitter @lilblupixie

  • email subscriber

  • COMMENT: A Bubble Bar from LUSH? That deserves to be first prize 🙂 Totally. Can I enter for the third prize? hehe…

    email: cruz042 at
    subscribed to your blog 🙂
    twitter: @ariannecruz07
    goodreads: Arianne Cruz
    subscribed to newsletter 🙂

    Lisa… I think I just saw a picture of your son… It’s illegal to even say he’s good looking isn’t it?

    • Ha! You crack me up Arianne!!! LOL

      Reno is getting pretty handsome though! 🙂

      Aren’t the lush goodies fun?

      Thanks for entering! And don’t forget to stop by Barbara Vey’s blog for a chance to win a Kindle!!! 🙂

      Lisa 🙂

      • I shall stay away from your family pictures in fear of being charged a lawsuit hahaha.
        Shame on his beautiful mama for giving him the looks.

        Ooh, you should base one of your characters on his description 🙂

        • Ha! You’re too funny!!!

          I try not to think about my kids while writing romance novels! LOL

          Lisa 🙂

          • Haha I was about to reply to my comment and take back what I said. haha 🙂

            I’m still not getting anywhere with that anthology I’m planning. *sigh* Can I anthology be a combination of poetry and flash fiction?

          • “an” not “I” *sigh* my typing and my brain don’t agree today.

          • You can put together a story and poetry collection… Just be sure you make it clear that’s what it is… 🙂

            I’m glad the writing is going well for you!

            Lisa 🙂

  • bn100

    Congratulations on the anniversary! Looks like you guys had fun in the pictures.
    I subscribe to your blog.
    I added Night Walker to my Goodreads list.
    I signed up for your newsletter.

    • We definitely had a blast! 🙂

      Thanks for entering!!! I hope you’ll stop by the other author blogs for more chance to win, and Barbara Vey’s blog for a chance at the Kindle!

      Lisa 🙂

  • Thanks again for coordinating all this, Lisa! Love your pics with the castle and Barbara. 🙂

    • Thanks for participating Natalie!!! This has been a blast! 🙂


  • Good Morning Lisa!

    This pictures ROCK! Looks like a ton of fun. What projects are you working on these days?

    I subscribe to your blog, and follow on twitter.

    • Hi Lisa! *waving*

      I just turned in my night Thief novella to my editor and I’m working on a new short I’m hoping to submit for a Geek Love anthology! LOL

      Soon I’ll be getting to work on Night Child to finish out the Night Series….

      And gearing up for Night Walker’s nationwide release in mass-market paperback! Woot!

      How have you been? It’s always great to see you!!! 🙂

      Thanks for commenting!

      Lisa 🙂

  • Wow! Looks like fun 🙂 Great party, Lisa!

    • Thanks Kinley!!! You know I love a good party!!! LOL

      Thanks for being a part of the celebration chica!!!


      Lisa 🙂

  • How cool that you got to meet Barbara! I’m jealous!

    • I’ve been lucky enough to meet Barbara Vey a few times… She is the coolest woman and she knows EVERYONE!!! If you ever get the chance to see her, definitely introduce yourself… You’ll love her!

      Thanks for being a part of the party today Bella!!!

      Lisa 🙂

  • These sound like great books, I haven’t read them. I sent a friend request on goodreads!

    • Hi Brandy –

      Great to meet you!!! I hope you enjoy Night Walker!

      Thanks for stopping by the party!

      Lisa 🙂

  • Lisa! I’d like to say a big “thank you,” too, for putting this together! I can’t believe how many prizes are up for grabs. ; )

    • Hi Chris –

      Awww it was fun!!! 🙂 Thanks for partying with me! 🙂

      Lisa 🙂

  • cynthia garcia

    Thank you for the great party!

    Suscribe to email
    friends on goodreads: Cynthia Garcia
    follow on Twiiter @cynthiacene

    Thank you!
    Cynthia Garcia

    • You’re welcome Cynthia!!!

      Thanks for stopping by and entering the contest!

      Lisa 🙂

  • Gena Robertson

    Hi, Lisa! I’m already a stalker, so I guess I get to be lazy and just gush about how much I can’t wait to read your books! They all sound amazing and the covers are divine!

    Thank you so much for participating in this celebration – I’m so happy for all of you! And thank you to everyone for the prizes you’ve put together for your readers. It’s just amazing 😀

    • Hi Gena! *waving*

      I’m lucky to have cool stalkers like you!!! LOL

      Hope you enjoy Night Walker!!! And thanks SOOO much for all your support!!! it means the world to me!

      Lisa 🙂

  • Very cool pics, Lisa!

    • Thanks Linda!!! 🙂

      Thanks for being part of the celebration with me!!!


      Lisa 🙂

  • Crystal Flannery

    already friends with u on Goodreads, getting your newsletter. also, your facebook friend and now on fb/nightwalker page as well. would love the chance to read Night Walker!
    Crystal Flannery

    • Hi Crystal –

      Thansk for entering!!! 🙂


  • Great Party. I already follow you via GFC (name; Nay Nay) and Facebook. I also already have Night Walker. IT WAS FANTASTIC! I LOVED IT!
    Thanks for the contest.

    • Hi Renee –

      So glad you loved Night Walker!!! YAY!!! You made my day! 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and entering!!!

      Lisa 🙂

  • Hey Lisa!! I’m totally a stalker of yours!! I have a couple questions. What is the next paranormal element that you are going to write about and whats your favorite? Great party by the way!! Authors always throw the best ones!!! Love the pictures!!

    • Hi Nikki –

      I’m still finishing up the Night Walker series so I still have a few more immortals up my sleeve. I’m also finishing up a novella more along the lines of Across the Veil… I’m having lots of fun with it! (the magic)

      I also have a werewolf series I need to get sold. I have the first two novels completed and the third underway…

      Glad you enjoyed the blog party! Thanks for entering and for the great questions! 🙂


  • Whew, I finally made it over. 🙂 Work was a pill today. Okay, I’m pretty sure I’m like an uber stalking fan and follow you everywhere. You know I adore you! 🙂 Thanks for the fantastic hop! I’m a little overwhelmed that so many people get to play with us today! woot!

    • Hey Rachel! *Waving*

      Thanks for hopping with us today!!! This was really fun!

      And I totally adore you too chica!!! 😀


      Lisa 🙂

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