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Hi everyone!

I can’t believe Christmas is almost here already! This year flew by…

My kids started a tradition in our house of selecting a tree that might otherwise be homeless at Christmas. You’ve seen them at the Christmas tree farm with lopsided limbs, black spots in the middle, too thin, too thick. We imagine these poor little trees are often picked on and laughed at by the other perfectly manicured Christmas trees, and they worry they might never get to be a Christmas tree.

So we venture out to the tree farm and search out the homeliest of the trees and bring it home. You should see the way they look when we carry them to the truck. If a tree could smile, these trees are beaming! LOL

Here are some of our trees from Christmases Past…

And now I’m proud to introduce this year’s tree… Skoodge! 🙂

He’s wider than he is tall, but that little tree looked SO happy leaving the tree farm! LOL

We had to give him a little boost up on a table at home, but please don’t tell him.

He thinks he’s a tall, majestic Christmas tree! Our angel was too big for him, so Panda added a Derby Hat… He looks pretty dapper, right? 🙂

In other news… I’m super excited that Night Thief has been nominated for Best Novella of 2012 over on Grave Tells Book Reviews!!! Please take a second and vote… It’s super quick and easy! 🙂

Thanks for all your support this year!!! Next year is going to be even bigger and better…. Can’t wait to share the news!!!!

Merry Christmas everyone!!!!

Lisa 🙂

  • Sue

    no pics of the trees but what a nice tradition. Sounds like a short story…. goes with the demon at Christmas one… Have a great holiday

    • I don’t know what happened, but I think they’re up now!!! 🙂

      Lisa 🙂

  • I think Skoodge may just be the handsomest Christmas tree I’ve ever seen. 🙂 And you can tell him that! 😉

    • Awwww!!! He totally just puffed up!!! LOL

      Merry Christmas Rhianna!!! Here’s to an awesome 2013!!!

      Lisa 🙂

  • Tina B

    That is so cool! I love it!
    Merry Christmas to you and your family, Lisa! 🙂

    • Thanks Tina!!! 😀

      Merry Christmas to you and yours too!!!

      Lisa 🙂

  • Jennifer

    YAY!!!! I love Skoodge!!! He’s just so stylish… and he wears those lights so well, lol 🙂 Merry Christmas, my dear!! *hugs*

    • YAY!!!! After all that waiting, I’m glad Skoodge won your heart!!! I think he loops so dapper in his hat! LOL

      Merry Christmas Jennifer!!! Here’s to an awesome 2013!!!


      Lisa 🙂

  • Merry Christmas. I voted for Night Thief. Good luck!!

    • Merry Christmas Ciara!!!
      And thanks so much for the vote… It’s super close right now! Yikes!!! LOL

      Lisa 🙂

  • jovialvampyre

    I love your tree :).

    • Merry Christmas to you too!!! 🙂

      SO glad you loved Skoodge!!! He’s super cute just don’t tell him he’s short… LOL

      Lisa 🙂

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