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Here’s an exclusive sneak peek into Wolf Moon! It’ll be out in February 2017. This one is Luke’s book and it’s the most dangerous chapter in the Moon Series saga yet… You can add Wolf Moon to your to-read shelf on goodreads right HERE.

Hope you enjoy the sneak peek! 🙂

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This book opens about six months after Blue Moon. Luke Reynolds, the last member of the Pack without a mate, has taken a job at a horse ranch in Sedona, Arizona. It’s January and there’s snow on the red rocks…

WOLF MOON – By Lisa Kessler (Copyright 2016)


Chapter 1



I wiped down the bar, glancing up at the clock. Four hours left on my shift. Thank God. They wouldn’t attack me in public.

The door opened, icy January wind gusted in before the customer did. So did his scent. He wasn’t human. I snapped my head up, heart racing. Definitely a werewolf, but he wasn’t from the Sedona Pack. He turned my way and my breath hitched.

His eyes were bright blue and locked on mine. His chest expanded, a brow cocked slightly. Oh shit. He knew.

The last thing I needed was another werewolf in my life. They already ruined it. Wasn’t that enough?

He came straight for me. The few couples on the dance floor instinctively moved out of his way. I tucked the rag under the bar and straightened up.

“What can I get you?”

He pulled out one of the custom manzanita stools. “What do you have on tap?”

I focused on the taps even though I could recite them in my sleep. Anything to keep from looking at him. “Blue Moon, Howling Wolf, Red Wolf, White Wolf, Yellow Wolf, Wolf Ale, and Heineken.”

He chuckled, and like an idiot, I glanced his way. Damn, he had a warm smile. Better to lure in unwitting females. Bastard.

“You guys really live up to your name.”

“Yeah.” I nodded. “They don’t call us the Wolf Pack Bar for nothing.”

“I’ll have a Heineken.”

That almost made me laugh. I swallowed it and grabbed a mug from the freezer. “You just passing through?”

He shook his head, resting his chiseled forearms on the mahogany bar. “I’ve been here a couple weeks, just haven’t been into town much yet.”

I filled the mug and placed it in front of him. Although I’d never seen him before, there was something familiar about him. “Are you a hiker?”

“Nah.” He took a sip of the beer and met my eyes. “I’m a horse trainer. Working over at Valley Farms.”

No doubt he was a wolf, but he seemed so…normal. Weird.

They’d change that once they found him. The Pack would either drive him out of town, or kill him, or worse yet, infect him with their psychotic poison.

None of my business. My life was screwed enough without getting mixed up with a lone wolf.

“Raven, can I close out my tab?”

I glanced at the regular at the other end, grateful for the distraction. Human customers were much less trouble. I cashed him out, made drinks for the servers, wiped away water rings, and stacked clean glasses, but no amount of busy work made me forget the lone wolf watching me from the end of the bar.

With no one else left, I wandered his way. “Ready for your tab?”

“Not yet. One more.”

“Sure thing.” I turned to grab another mug and fill it.

When I put it in front of him, he smiled again. “I’m Luke.”

Why did he have to be so nice? I sighed, lowering my voice. “Want a solid piece of advice, Luke? Don’t make friends. Get out of town and don’t look back. It’s not safe here.”

He kept his expression neutral, his voice so low, I wouldn’t have been able to hear him six months ago.

When I was still human.

“Thanks for the tip.” He took a swig of his beer and added, “Is your mate in trouble?”

“My what?” I grimaced, unwilling to imagine any of the males in the Pack as anything other than jailers. Did I give off the “married” vibe? Maybe he took my cold shoulder as being unavailable.

With his looks, he was probably used to single women falling all over him.

Confusion marred his brow. “You were bitten, right?”

“There’s no ‘mate’ for me, and you should go. I won’t warn you again.” I snatched my rag and headed for the other end of the bar.

Thankfully he finished his drink and slapped two bills on the bar. He walked out without any fanfare. I couldn’t help but watch. His jeans fit him just right, and his long sleeved thermal shirt clung to a slender muscled torso.

He would’ve been exactly my type back when I was human.

I went over to collect his money and found a business card between the two twenties. Luke Reynolds.

Reynolds. My gaze shifted to the door. No wonder he looked so familiar.

I couldn’t place it before, but he had to be related to Logan Reynolds. Logan and the Howlers were my favorite band these days. His songs screamed my pain.

If Luke is a werewolf, Logan must be a wolf too. The Y chromosome carried the shifter gene, so only Males were born werewolves, and they always came in sets of twins.

That had to be why the Howlers never toured.

I flipped the card over. Words were written on the back. We need to talk. Call me.

Sighing, I shook my head. In your dreams, handsome.

But I didn’t toss his card. I folded the bills around it, tucked it into my apron, and did my best to forget I’d ever seen his face. With any luck, he’d take my advice and I’d never see him again.

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