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If you’ve been reading the Night Series, you know that the books cover many centuries of time.  And on this page I’ll be able to give you some of the deleted scenes and short stories to fill in some of the time periods we won’t cover in the novels.  I hope you’ll enjoy these extra immortal bites, and hopefully I’ll be adding more nibbles soon… 🙂



The Great Separation

This was the prologue to Night Thief that we ended up cutting from the novella, but I thought you might enjoy it.  It’ll also give you a sneak peek at Kane’s other 3 Night Walker brothers. They’re all in Night Demon coming out soon…


The immortal brothers made a silent pilgrimage toward the eastern horizon.  In the form of their spirit animals, two soared over the Yucatan rainforest as birds of prey while the other two ran through the darkness as jaguars, one golden and one black as the shadows.

Wind cut through the jungle in gusts, filling the air with the salty scent of the sea as they neared the Mayan city of Tulum.  Gradually the trees and vines thinned, and the bald eagle along with his brother the red-tail hawk landed at the face of the thick stone wall.

The jaguars lingered in the shadows, sniffing the night air.  Finally the golden jaguar approached the gates of Tulum.  He rocked his body back onto his hind legs, shaking his head as the air around him warped, filled with pure energy.  His body mutated, smooth and liquid, until he stood before the others as a tall blond man with tanned skin and dark blue eyes.

Kan looked at his brothers, still in the form of their spirit animals and growled.  “Change with me, my brothers.”

The bald eagle let out a high pitched shriek, fluttering his wings in agitation.  Electricity charged the humid air as Kan watched his immortal brothers shift into their human forms.  Together they upheld the Mayan world.  Immortal Gods of the North, South, East and West.

But their world was ending.

Waves crashed against the cliffs, echoing in the cove where their boats awaited to take them to the four corners of the world.

“You are certain there is no other way?”  Cauac asked.

Cauac was usually quick to smile, but not tonight.  In silence, he stood, his arms crossed over his chest, his long mane of red hair braided down his back, and his brow furrowed.

Their dark brother approached from behind, betrayed only by the whites of his eyes.  Tonight he stood on two feet for the first time since they were forced to sacrifice the Goddess of the Moon. Until now, he’d chosen to remain in his animal form as the sleek black jaguar.

“It has already been decided, my brothers.” Kan slowly made eye contact with each of them.  “The Night Demon’s hunger decimated our people.  The tall ones come with their soldiers.  The only way to save our people is to survive for them, and by separating, we will.”

“Since when do Gods abandon their people?  We are running away like cowards.” Disgust twisted Mulac’s features. He gestured toward the water and waiting boats.  “The Toltecs have trained armies, but they are not Night Walkers.  Immortality does not run through their veins as it does ours.”

Kan narrowed his gaze at Mulac.  The wind whipped his brother’s long white hair around his ageless face, but his inhuman eyes sparkled in the moonlight.

“You have a better idea, Mulac?”

“Any idea is better than this one.” Mulac turned and stared out at the ocean.  His white hair danced around him, and the profile of his sharp features resembled his eagle animal spirit.

Kan clenched his fists at his sides.  “We have no time to argue. The decision is already made.”

Mulac spun on his heel, eyes glowing crimson.  “We are Night Walkers.  Gods!  The Toltec armies are no match for us.  The night is ours.  We should attack and feed on their blood until they leave our lands.”

“We are but four Gods, Mulac.” Kan wished his brother’s ill-conceived plan could work.  He had no desire to cross the ocean, not knowing what awaited him on the other side.  “Once the tall-ones discover that we only attack at night, they will seek us out while the sun is high.” He ground his teeth together, forcing out the words.  “We must go. Now.”

“Kan is right.”  Their dark brother stepped forward from the shadows in his human form.  “We cannot win a war against armies that march in daylight while we sleep.  Unless we made an army of Night Walkers, this is a battle we cannot win.”

“Mortals are not worthy to be Night Walkers.”  Mulac crossed his arms.

Kan ground his teeth to keep from attacking his white haired brother.  “So we are back where we started.  Our people have arranged transport.  Through us, their world will live on.”

“Our world will die with our people,” Mulac growled.

“Then stay behind.” Kan shook his head.  “I am finished arguing.”

He bumped Mulac with his shoulder as he passed by, knocking him back a step.  Their eyes locked for a long moment until Kan whispered, “This is not about what you want, Mulac.  It is about what is best for our people.”

“I am a God,” Mulac countered.  “Everything is about what I want.”

He took two running steps as his body mutated back into the large bald eagle.  He took to the air, batting his wings over the ocean, before angling his body and soaring over the jungle, and back toward the pyramid at Chichen Itza.  Kan clenched his fists as he watched him go.

Cauac grasped his shoulder.  “We should get to the boats.”

Kan nodded and led his remaining brothers down the cliff to the cove where the boats waited.  The Mayan people arranged for the safe passage of the Night Walkers, sending each boat in a different direction.  The four brothers would carry the knowledge of their world, and their people, until the time came to return.

The scribes would record it in a Mayan Codex as the Great Separation, but Kan would always remember it as the first time he experienced death.

His reign as the God of the East was over.


The Masquerade

This story takes place during Halloween in 2012, right before the opening of Book 2, Night Demon. Colin is the first of the 4 brothers to find Kane and Rita in Paris.  Hope you enjoy the story! 🙂

“Welcome to the Masquerade, Crystal.” Marguerite brushed a light kiss to each cheek of her masked guest and smiled. “Kane is opening more wine at the bar… Enjoy!”

She watched Crystal walk away, her gaze connecting with her husband’s. Her pulse raced.

When they planned this Halloween Masquerade party, it had been her idea that they recreate the clothes they wore the first night they met in 1840. Seeing him now in the coat and vest, his formal shirt and tie hanging hopelessly open, and his blond mane tied back in a leather thong, she wanted nothing more than to go to him, to dance, and keep him to herself.

Although the year was now 2012, she never tired of his attention. Her gaze dropped lower and she noticed his gold pocket watch dangling from the vest pocket. The corner of her lips quirked up and she heard his voice in her mind.

You are a vision, Rita. His hand grazed the watch. I hoped this might catch your eye.

She smiled with a mental whisper, As if you needed a gold bauble to get my attention.

Her gaze swept through the room. Masks, feathers, make-up, wigs, and costumes mingled throughout their Paris penthouse.  Some faces she recognized, while others remained hidden. She lowered her shields protecting her mind and heard the thoughts of her party guests mingling around the room.

Halloween amused her. It was a time for magic. Anything seemed possible and no one was what they appeared to be.

Something caught her attention on the balcony. She frowned and crossed the room to the French doors. Outside, a tall man with dark auburn hair, red, leaned against the balcony railing. When had he come in?

She glanced over her shoulder. Kane poured more wine and chatted with a few guests. He could manage the crowd for a moment.  As she turned the knob on the door, she opened her mind, reaching for any clue about the lone guest.

A flash of lightning and the scent of hot rain filled her mind before he turned. She tried to connect again, but his mind shut and even with more concentration on her part, his mind remained closed. Strange. He turned toward her, wearing a simple black mask over his eyes, reminiscent of the mask that Zorro wore in the American movies.

“Forgive me for startling you.” She held out her hand. “I do not believe we have met. Are you and associate of Kane’s?”

The man took her hand with a playful grin. “The name is Colin.” The sound of his laughter warmed her, enticing a tentative smile. “And I suppose I am an associate of sorts.”

He shook her hand and stepped closer. “And you are…”

“I am Marguerite Bordeaux.” She stared up into his eyes and her chest tightened. This man wasn’t human. “Forgive me for not greeting you at the door. I am not certain how you escaped my notice.”

He released her hand. “I didn’t enter through the door, Lass.” She recognized an Irish lilt to his voice as his gaze wandered over her ball gown and back up to her face. “Ballix. You’re one of us. I don’t believe it. My brother made you his. A Night Walker.” He shook his head. “That impetuous bugger. I should have known.”

Us? Brother? Her mind spun with questions. This man knew what they were. Before she could open her mouth to question him, the door opened behind her.  Kane’s familiar touch caressed her bare shoulder. “Our guests would like us to make a toast…”

His voice drifted off as his gaze fell on the masked man. Both immortals stared at one another until the masked man finally reached up and pulled the mask free, revealing stunning eyes, as green as the forests.

Kane stepped around her. “Cauac? Is it really you?”

The red-haired man nodded, a grin spread across his lips, lighting up his face. “I go by Colin now.”

“You found me.” Kane embraced him. “In sukun. My brother.”

Marguerite smiled. Something about hearing her husband speak his native Mayan language made her heart melt. She’d never been to his homeland, but she knew the jungles haunted him. A painful part of himself he did his best to bury.

Kane pulled back and smiled at her. “Rita, this is the proud God of the South.” He clasped his brother’s shoulder. “How are the others?”

Colin shrugged. “I have not found them.” He gestured to the penthouse full of guests. “You, on the other hand, have not been hiding as well as the others.”

“This is Halloween, my brother. Tonight monsters do not need to hide.”

“I beg your pardon.” Marguerite gave her husband a playful elbow to the ribs. “I am no monster.”

Kane grinned at his brother. “Did you come all this way to lurk on my balcony, or did you want to join in the party?”

Colin chuckled and shook his head. “We have much to catch up on.” He smiled at Marguerite. “Like how this beautiful flower came to be one of us.”

A crooked smile warmed her husband’s face. “One of my favorite stories. It actually begins with this watch.”

Marguerite rolled her eyes as she stepped through the door and back into the Masquerade. “Do not believe him, Colin.  I did not steal his watch.”

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