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Happy Halloween Everyone!!!

Welcome to Lisa’s Lair, my CASTLE on the web…


This is my favorite time of year, so I love to give away goodies and meet new readers who enjoy paranormal stories!


If we haven’t met yet, I’m Lisa Kessler, and I write paranormal romance and urban fantasy, along with short stories that dabble in the horror genre.


Halloween is a spooky time around our house, and every year, our front porch gets haunted…


Another favorite tradition? My Annual Halloween Movie Countdown on my Facebook page! 😀

You can check it out here and find some spooky flicks to add to your watchlist! J


And of course there are the costumes, right??? My daughter Panda is a seamstress and she makes amazing costumes!


And this year will be extra special because my book, NIGHT ANGEL, is going to be releasing in a new paranormal Boxed Set just in time for Halloween!!! 🙂




Bad boys, tortured alpha heroes, and kick-ass heroines all come together in 12 steamy full-length paranormal romance novels and novellas from NY Times, USA Today, and national bestselling authors! Whether you’re looking for tantalizing dark tales or the humorous side of the supernatural, you’ll get werewolves, vampires, fallen angels, monster hunters, and ghosts—every one of them a hot temptation you won’t be able to resist…


DIABLO SPRINGS by Erin Quinn: Gracie Beck vowed that she would never to return to Diablo Springs, but the haunted town lures her back—along with the man who betrayed her years ago. Reilly broke her heart with his lies. Now, he wants a second chance to win her, but can they survive the ghosts of Diablo Springs?


VAMPIRE REBORN by Caridad Pineiro: Would you be reborn for love? Ryder Latimer, sexy Southern vampire, will have to make one of the most difficult choices in his undead life: Become human again or protect his new wife and child.


SHADOW FALL by Erin Kellison: Just discovering her magic, ballerina Annabella Ames didn’t mean to summon a dark wolf from Twilight, nor the tempting fallen angel Custo Santovari, who has no place in Heaven. The cunning wolf stalks them relentlessly, and danger seduces as they fight for redemption and love.


NIGHT ANGEL by Lisa Kessler: When Colin Flynn returns home to Ireland, the immortal Night Walker’s flesh has healed, but the scars hide a broken spirit. Juliana Duffy plays piano in spite of her deafness, challenging him to redefine himself and find the strength to battle an ancient enemy.


SHADOWS TILL SUNRISE by Chris Marie Green: Two monster hunters fighting a star-crossed attraction and one bloodthirsty phantom leaving a trail of death… Can love survive till the sun rises?


A SHADOW AT TWILIGHT by Mary Leo: They say Hotel Colorado is haunted, but when Dillon Spencer appears in his hotel room to find Hilly Thompson, his assistant, soaking in the tub, he begins to question whether or not he’s alive, dead, or caught in another dimension.


MORE THAN FIENDS by Maureen Child: At 32, Cassidy Burke discovers she’s a legendary Demon Duster. But she’s got bigger problems than some pesky demons. Like, Logan Miller–first love, baby daddy to her genius daughter is back. Then there’s Devlin Cole, a walking orgasm with too many secrets. Cassidy’s life is out of control and about to get way too interesting.


IMMORTAL POSSESSION by Cassi Carver: When Dr. Evelyn Vale is paired with Immortal Bounty’s sexy commander to go undercover and infiltrate a supernatural body-trafficking ring, she’s eager to get to work. Until she learns the catch… To crack this case, he’ll need to possess her body.


FOREVER ROSE by Janet Wellington: Tarot cards predict a dangerous journey for Taylor Rose, but she doesn’t expect to travel back to 1888 San Diego. What the cards didn’t predict was falling for a man bent on revenge, a helpful ghost, and spooky séances. Is she there to prevent a murder or to find love?


WELCOME HOME, VAMPIRE by Theresa Meyers: Corporal Cole Wagner lost his humanity in war – literally. Turned into a vampire by the military’s Vector Force, he’s the ultimate weapon, but when he returns home to set the past right, will the enemy stop at nothing to get him, including threatening the life of the woman he loved, and lost, before?


VAMPIRE MAGIC (Blood Genie, books 1 and 2) by Sheri Whitefeather: Two tenderly romantic, wildly erotic stories featuring supernatural hybrids (vampires/genies) who grant wishes for the exchange of blood.


WILD NIGHTS WITH A LONE WOLF by Elisabeth Staab: A mandatory vacation lands Agent Sherri Walker in bed with a local werewolf. Asher Hughes walked away from his outlaw pack but couldn’t ditch the bad blood. Together they’ll have to pull off one hell of an act to get out of treacherous territory alive.



Releases 10/20/14  — Up for PREORDER NOW!


Barnes & Noble:




So tell me, what are some of your favorite Halloween traditions? What makes the season SPOOKY and FUN for you? You can leave a comment below and be sure to enter the RAFFLECOPTER for chances to win some signed books, an Amazon gift card, and more! J

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Thanks for hopping through! Don’t forget to visit the rest of the blogs for more SPOOKY giveaways! 🙂


Lisa J

  • Erika Messer

    I would have to say my favorite tradition is going to haunted attractions 🙂 That and taking my daughter trick or treating!

    • LdyDisney

      I miss taking my kids trick or treating @erikamesser:disqus…. They grow up way too fast!!! LOL 😀 Have fun!!!

  • Stephanie Fredrick

    Love the pic, the house looks awesome. We are working my daughters school carnival this year, so should be fun, crazy and I’ll probably pull my hair by the end of the night, lol.

    • LdyDisney

      Oh @stephaniefredrick:disqus you’re going to have a blast!!! We usually decorate the back of the car and go to the elementary school for “Trunk or Treat”…. I love seeing the lids costumes and watching as they nervously take my candy! LOL 🙂

  • Love the photo!!

    • LdyDisney

      Thanks @cabingoddess:disqus!!! 😀 Still not sure what I’m dressing up as this year, but I’m decorating the porch and hopefully something awesome will come to me! LOL

  • jovial_1

    We don’t do anything anymore. The boys are grown and we live in an area where kids don’t come to the door. I used to love to make Halloween dinner. They got the works with mummy dogs and stuff – I miss it :(.

  • Sonia Forbus

    love your pictures. I use to decorate our house BIG time when my daughter was small. Would get her father to take her to spooky stuff, mama is a scarycat. Thanks for the giveaway

  • Juana Esparza

    We love watching the horror movies marathons. They seem to get better every year.

    jmesparza821 at gmail dot com

  • Love the set of books! Yummy! Lots of love, Emily

  • Clandevine

    I wish I had someone to make costumes for me. It would have to be a full time job because I would want so many and would dress up everyday! It’s hard to say if I like Christmas or Halloween better!

  • Love all your Halloween decorations and you daughter is so talented! Those costumes are all fabulous! Counting down the days for the box set release!

  • Sherry Stone Gladden

    The costumes are wonderful & I love the cover of the anthology

  • Froggarita

    I love your costumes!! so fun!! <3

  • I was out picking up some things for both our Halloween party and our daughter’s birthday this weekend and I spotted Disney Villains Jelly Belly packs at Target Lisa! I had the Evil Queen in my hand and was going to snap a pic for you but the hubs was in a rush and he gets antsy-pants when I do something weird like take pictures of things in stores. lol

    • OMG!!! I need to find some Evil Queen treats!!! Your hubby cracks me up @RhiannaWalker:disqus!!! 😀 Thanks for coming by! 🙂

  • Janna Shay

    Absolutely love the costumes. One of my favorite traditions is dressing up and handing out the candy to the trick or treaters. I miss making my children’s costumes. They grow up so fast.

  • Jill Prandstatter

    Love going trick or treating with my daughters……..but they’re getting older and don’t want mom along anymore 🙁

    • LdyDisney

      I was so bummed the first time my kids told me “You don’t need to come.” *sigh* Hope you have a great Halloween anyway @jillprandstatter:disqus!!! 😀

  • Outrun1986

    Thanks for holding this great giveaway.

    • LdyDisney

      You’re welcome! Happy Halloween @Outrun1986:disqus!!! 😀

  • Susan M. Heim

    I love Halloween because of all the pumpkin-flavored foods and drinks!

    • LdyDisney

      Oh I’m a sucker for the pumpkin spice stuff too! 😀 Although they have pumpkin spice oatmeal now and I was disappointed… :-/ Thanks for coming by @susanmheim:disqus! 🙂

  • Jennifer Messerschmidt

    Your house looks so festive! Great decorations!

    • LdyDisney

      Thanks @jennifermesserschmidt:disqus!!! 😀 I have lots of fun with it every year! 🙂

  • Thanks for the giveaway!

    • LdyDisney

      You’re welcome @katiecontests:disqus!!! Thanks for coming by! 🙂

  • Tonya McHale

    I am so proud of you Lisa!!!! hugs and love always!

    • LdyDisney

      Awww thanks @tonyamchale:disqus!!! *HUGS* Sending love back your way too!!! 😀

  • Charlene Fraley

    I always loved taking the kids out to have fun!

    • LdyDisney

      Oh I miss that @charlenefraley:disqus!!! 😀 Have fun!

  • marypreston

    I love all the books out for Halloween.

    • LdyDisney

      Oh me too @marypreston:disqus!!! 😀 So fun!!!

  • Michelle Willms

    How wonderful to have a daughter to create lovely costumes for you each year!

    • LdyDisney

      Thanks @michelle_willms:disqus!!! 😀 I’m definitely a lucky Mom! 😀

  • Anne

    What would make it fun for me is to actually have some trick or treaters. In the last 15 years I’ve had maybe 10 kids stop by and I live in apartments complexes with kids. I don’t understand it. I always have candy just in case.

  • wildnmild4u

    SPOOKY and FUN for me is going on a Haunted Hayride.

    Jennifer Rote

  • BerkeleyHapa

    Those costumes and your house decorations look like so much fun!

  • Beth

    Oh my gosh- I know I should commend about the books but I just LOVE the Snow White & Wicked Queen costumes Panda made. Those are fantastic!

  • Joanna Moreno

    Must be wonderful to dress up every year. I don’t do it anymore, I worry more about the nephews having the right custome than me 😉

  • Sheila Staley

    Does your daughter ever sell her costumes? She does a fantastic job! I wish I had a few great costumes like that! Happy Halloween!

  • Happy Halloween! Awesome costumes and decorations!

  • Valerie Spearman

    Awesome costumes.

  • Kate F.

    One of my favorite Halloween traditions is watching scary movies.

  • JanD

    I love the costumes and pumpkins this time of year.

    • LdyDisney

      Oh I love jack-o-lanterns too!!! 😀 Happy Halloween!!! 😀

  • Ashfa_Anwer

    Thanks fort he giveaway!!!

    • LdyDisney

      You’re welcome! Happy Halloween!!! 😀

  • Vanessa

    Your house looks so creepy but so awesome at the same time ! i love to watch scary movies and go Trick or Treating with my family. but i also love to read Anna Dressed in Blood. Its The Best Book Ever.

    • LdyDisney

      Oh I’ve never read that one!!! 😀 I’ll have to look it up!! 😀

  • Cool costumes! Don’t take this the wrong way, but you make a great evil queen! 🙂 Costumes are my favorite part of Halloween!

    • LdyDisney

      Hee! Thank you!!! The Evil Queen is my favorite Disney Character! 😀 Happy Halloween!!! 😀

  • Sarah

    I love the Cruella costume! I never dress up any more, unless you count being a couch potato and staying in 🙂

  • Carol Luciano

    Lisa you look fantastic in the costume. Your daughter is so talented. I love your decorations. When my kids were all still home we decorated every inch of the house, inside and out.Always watched scary movies the week of Halloween but my favorite were all the pumpkin spice treats. 🙂
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  • Colleen

    Wow, the costumes and decor are darling! Thanks for the chance!

  • Judy Cox

    I love all your Halloween pictures. I really enjoyed visiting and thanks for the giveaway hop participation.

    • Thanks for coming by @disqus_uJpCj1pUaa:disqus!!! Happy Halloween! 🙂

  • Amber Elise

    Your daughter’s costumes are amazing! I want to be a Disney Villain one year! 🙂

    • Thank you @disqus_ehmbz347qf:disqus !!! Panda is amazing at making costumes! I’m super lucky!!! 😀 You can find her on facebook under Panda Wilson… 🙂

  • LindaKish

    I like your costumes.

  • Shelver506

    Thanks for the giveaway!


  • Dovile

    I love the idea for the Snowhite and evil queen costumes.

  • We’ve always taken the kids trick or treating, but this year, I think we’re going to make a quick round around the neighborhood and then we’re going to stay in and hand out candy! A new tradition! I can’t wait to see all the kids costumes I missed all these years!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  • sherry butcher

    have a happy and safe Halloween! Great post. TFS.

  • Seyma Shabbir

    Watching zombie movies makes teh night fun and scary for me!

  • I always love seeing the costumes you wear. Panda is very talented! And it’s so great to see some close up pics. Fun!

  • Wow, your costumes are GORGEOUS! Your daughter is super talented and you look lovely! Happy Halloween. 🙂

  • Naomi Jacobs

    Thanks for the giveaway 🙂 Happy Halloween.

  • Lindsey V.

    Thank you so much for the giveaway! Fingers crossed. 🙂

  • very cool give away. love the ladies in costume.

  • Misha Kudo

    Those costumes are gorgeous! So jealous of your daughter’s talent and that you get to benefit from it! And Disney loooove~ good choices! Thank you for the giveaway and Happy Halloween!

  • Stacy

    I love that evil queen costume! Happy Halloween!

  • Daniel M

    my fav spooky tradition is watching scary movies this time of year

  • lissa crane

    My favorite Halloween tradition is Trick or Treating with my kids then ordering a pizza while we watch the Halloween Disney channel shows and sort through all their candy!

  • susan1215

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Lynn

    Doing an annual Halloween movie countdown is a great idea. Thanks to AMC, I have fantastic backlog of creepy classics on my DVR. Anything with Vincent Price or Bela Lugosi is fair game. Right now I ‘m watching a really terrible yet wonderful William Castle flick called “The Tingler.” His publicity stunts and cheesy effects are legendary, and i love to find kooky B-movies like his and Ed Wood’s.

  • Mayor Sonni

    Thanks for the giveaway and for sharing your pictures. Halloween at your house looks like fun.

  • sdlashbrook .

    Happy Halloween, loved the post! And thanks for the giveaway!

  • Erika

    Thanks for the great giveaway! Hope you had a great Halloween!

  • Janie McGaugh

    Looking forward to reading this set.

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