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Hi everyone!

I’m really excited to welcome you to the virtual Vampire Ball… Come inside and join me in the sheer madness of the PARTY ‘TIL YOUR HEELS FLY OFF: MEGA AUTHOR BLOG HOP TOUR (JUNE 13-20)


1) HAVE FUN!!!


3) THIS TOUR STARTS: Monday, June 13, at Midnight (Arizona Time)

THIS TOUR ENDS: Monday, June 20, at Midnight (Arizona Time)

Winners will be drawn and posted June 21st! ***









***Authors have full discretion to choose an alternate winner in the event any winner fails to claim their prize(s)

within 72 hours of their name being posted or after notification of win, whichever comes first. Anyone who

participates in this blog hop tour is subject to these rules***

Now that we’ve gotten the rules out of the way, let’s get this Vampire Ball Started…

All the vampires are here, ready to take a spin with you on the ballroom floor. Who do you dance with?

No silly werewolf! This is a vampire ball… Yeesh!

Anyway, onto our immortal dance partners, of course there’s one of my all-time favorites, Lestat and he’s brought along some friends…

And our favorite vampire-next-door from Fright Night, Jerry Dandrige is ready to Samba into the spotlight…

Not to mention, Barnabas Collins hiding in the Dark Shadows of the ballroom…

We’d be Lost without the fang gang from The Lost Boys right?

And we’re lucky to have both Bram Stoker’s Dracula and Van Helsing’s Dracula!

And for my male readers, we’ve had a few female vampires join the party…

Mina from League of Extraordinary Gentleman


And two of True Blood’s vampire beauties are waitng to fill their dance cards…  Pam and Jessica! 

And joining us from Underworld is the beautiful Selene…. 

And finally I’d like to introduce you to another immortal leading man. Calisto from my novel, Night Walker. He’s a passionate Spaniard who has been known to waltz with his lover at the edge of the Pacific Ocean waves off the San Diego coast.

So now is your chance… Who would you have on your dance card & why?

Let me know and you’ll be entered to win prizes!!!  See below for details…

Vampire Ball CONTEST:
1) Leave me a question or a comment here at my blog below. Please also leave your email address so I can notify you in case you are a winner!
2) Earn +2 extra chances to win by Subscribing to my Blog…
3) Click on my Twitter link and follow me at:– You guessed it +2 more chances!!! 🙂
4) If you have a Goodreads account, add me as a friend at:  and/or add Night Walker to your to-read list

6) This won’t get you any entries because Facebook is mean about contests now, but you can find me and like me here anyway if you choose to! 🙂



1) First Prize: A .pdf e-book of Across the Veil and an Across the Veil signed promo postcard, plus a set of Night Walker romance trading cards and a signed promotional postcard for Night Walker.
2) Second Place Prize: A signed promo postcard of Across the Veil & Night Walker, along with a set of Night Walker romance trading cards.  (3 winners will be selected for Second Prizes)

Thanks for attending the Vampire Ball and don’t forget to HOP over to Paris for the  LA FETE DE LA MUSIQUE…

(For Marvin we had “Sheer Madness”, a werewolf was my animal with fur, and the Samba is Jerry Dandridge’s favorite dance J )

  • DJ Myke

    Fantastic picture blog, Lisa. You do captions brilliantly, too!

    You make vampires seem as nice as my next door neighbors. Of course, I do like next to a cememtary. 🙂

    • Hey DJ Myke!!! *waving*

      Thanks for stopping by the vampire ball!!! (And you’re FIRST!!!)

      I had no idea you live next to a cemetery… Any ghosts?

      So did you choose a vampire dance partner yet?

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!!!

      Lisa 🙂

  • Yay. This sounds like fun!
    I already subscribe to your blog and like your fan page. 🙂
    Oh, yeah, I already follow you on Twitter, too and just became your fan on Goodreads. 🙂
    I just signed up for your newsletter, too.

    What a fun little contest. Thanks. I’m so excited to see your books in print, Lisa. Enjoy the journey!

  • Hi Lynn –

    I’m totally giving points to people who are already scubscribed, etc. so no worries! 🙂

    Thanks so much for playing along Lynn! This is my first try at a Blog Hop so I’ll let you know how it goes…

    Lisa 🙂

    • That was supposed to be “subscribed”! Yeesh!

      I did NOT invite type demons to the Vampire Ball! LOL


  • Okay, I am choosing Johnny Depp~Hopefully, he’s going to be my exclusive partner for the evening.
    Also, I am friending you on Goodreads, and I already follow you on Twitter and LIKED your FB page.
    I love Paranormal stories, so I will check out your works, as well.
    I love meeting other authors.
    Great website. What a fun. clever idea. I want to win your Trading cards…HOT! HOT! HOT!

    • Hi Sherri –

      I should get my trading cards this week so I hope they’re hot!!! LOL They look good on my computer screen… 🙂

      Thanks for checking out my stories! I’ve got lots of short fiction posted here on my blogs…

      Hope you win!!!

      Lisa 🙂

    • PS – Johnny Depp is going to be a Super HOT vampire don’t you think??? Can’t wait for his remake of Dark Shadows!!! 🙂

  • Hey Lisa,

    Did someone say “Vampire Ball”? You’d better believe I’ll be there! A dance partner? This is going to be tough, but I’m going to choose Calisto. David from the Lost Boys would be my first choice, but you’re trading card is making me drool. Definitely going with Calisto!

    Good luck with the tour!

    Jae Lynne

    • Hi Jae Lynne! *waving*

      Nice to see you at the ball!!!

      And Calisto is a master at a sexy slow waltz! YUM! You made a fabulous choice… 🙂

      (But David from Lost Boys is yummy too!!! 80’s yummy!!!)

      Glad you like the trading card! I should have them in my hands this week…. Hope you win!!! 🙂

      Thanks for dancing in and commenting!!!

      Lisa 🙂

  • Marvin Martian

    My Question: Will you accept these 8 points that I am about to award you? 🙂

    Seems like a bloody party to me!

    8 points Earthling! 🙂

    • Hee! Of course I’d LOVE to accept 8 points!!! 😀

      Thanks for coming by the Vampire Ball Marvin!!! I’ve heard that vampires are alien-friendly!

      Great to see you, and thanks for the points!

      Lisa 🙂

  • Vampire Ball sounds like fun, Lisa!

    I’m going to nab Edward Cullen to fill my dance card.
    Nice sparkly younger man 😉

    • Hi Nicola! *waving*

      The more vampires the merrier the vampire ball, right? 😀

      Just don’t let Lestat see Edward sparkling… LOL

      Thanks for stopping by the Ball and commenting!!!


  • I liked and I subscribed! <3

    Thanks for hosting this! Or well, helping host <3

    • Hi Ashley –

      Thanks for stopping by the Ball!!! And thanks for subscribing…

      Did you find a delicious fanged dance partner? 🙂


  • I am totally enamored with Gary Oldman of Bram Stoker’s “Dracula.” Okay, let’s qualify this: the *young* and hot-looking Dracula; not the creepy old guy with the gnarled hands and big white “poof” hair who tortures Keanu Reeves, LOL! The cinema scene where he tells Mina, “I have crossed oceans of time to find you” in that Old World voice is totally sigh worthy. Later, he wipes away her tears and gives her a handful of diamonds. Okay, so the movie wasn’t totally perfect, but Oldman made *the* best Dracula ever! 😀

    P.S. Obviously, I have a thing for vampires looking for reincarnations of their soulmates. 🙂

    • Hey Melissa! *waving*

      So Bram Stoker’s Dracula is totally your dance partner!!! 🙂 Have fun!!!

      And I’m SO glad you have a soft spot for vampires who wait for their reincarnated loves…. LOL

      Thanks for stopping by the Vampire Ball and commenting!!!

      Lisa 🙂

  • Michelle K

    It sounds like a fun time and love all the vampires that will be there. I used to watch Dark Shadows all the time back in the day. I do like the newer Barnabas Collins though and wouldn’t mind him on my trading card!

    • Hi Michelle –

      You have great vampire taste!!! I think Johnny Depp is going to be a deicious Barnabas Collins!!! YUM!!!

      Thanks for stopping by the Vampire Ball!!!

      Lisa 🙂

  • Kerry

    Fun! Sherri – you’ll have to share Mr. Depp, lol…

    • Hi Kerry –

      I think a few people will be dancing with Mr. Depp!!! LOL Looks like Barnabas Collines is going to have a full dance card! 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by the Vampire Ball…

      Lisa 🙂

  • I’m ahead of the game lol I ha already done all of the above 😀
    Great post! So many hot vampires!


    • Hee! You over-achiever!!! 🙂 You totally get credit for everything even if you were already doing them… 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by the Vampire Ball Leanne!!! I hope you win!


      PS – Which Vampire do you have on your dance card? 🙂

  • This is going to be so much fun!

    • Thanks for stopping by Marissa!!! 🙂

      Hope you enjoy the Vampire Ball!!! So which fanged gentleman is on your dance card?

      Lisa 🙂

  • Hummm, the Antonio vampire or the Brad vampire…choices, choices. Are you sure I can’t have both? Thanks for the invitation to the ball! meyersnovels at aol dot com

    • It is a tough choice… Antonio’s Armand has a delicious accent too… I’m a sucker for that!

      Calisto has a great Spanish accent too… LOL

      Thanks for stopping by the Vampire Ball Theresa!!!

      Lisa 🙂

  • Only me, how’s your blog hop going?! I hope it’s going amazingly well because you’ve really put a lot of effort into this. I was already a friend/fan on goodreads and facebook but i’ve subscribed and now we can tweet each other too! Let me subscribe to this newsletter while i’m here and then i suppose i have to hop along!

    • Hi Jenny! *waving*

      So far the Vampire Ball portion of the blog hop has been rockin’!!! LOL

      Thanks for stoping by and commenting!!! 🙂 So which vampire is filling your dance card? 🙂


  • oh, dear…so many vampires so little time!!! 😉 I would put everyone of the Black Dagger Brothers on my dance card.

    • Hi Sharon –

      Those Dagger Brothers are a possessive bunch, they might make you choose one or they could fight! LOL

      Thanks for stopping by the Vampire Ball!!!

      Lisa 🙂

  • Lisa,
    Thank you for inviting me to the Vampire Ball. I would like to dance with any and all versions of Barnabas Collins. Can I wear a big poofy dress? 🙂

    • Hi Teri! *waving*

      Poofy dresses are always welcome at a Vampire Ball!!! 🙂

      And Barnabas Collins is a delicious choice!!!

      Thanks for stopping by the Vampire Ball!!!

      Lisa 🙂

  • How fun! I’ve already made a beeline for Louis.

    (I liked your Facebook page and I’m following you on Twitter!)

    • Hi Chris! *waving*

      I never would have guessed you were a Louis girl!!! I wouldn’t pegged you for Lestat for sure… LOL

      Enjoy the Ball!!! I’m sure Louis is a divine dancer…. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by the Vampire Ball!!!

      Lisa 🙂

  • Since i’ve been kissed on the hand by Jonathan Frid back in the 80s at a Dark Shadows Convention in L. A> and Barnabas Collins has always held heart, I would enjoy waltzing wirh him.

    • No. Way. You had your hand kissed by Barnabas Collins???? LUCKY!!!! *green with envy*

      Well you definitely get to waltz with him then! LOL

      Thanks for stopping by the Vampire Ball Sapphire!!! 🙂


  • sue

    this is great! But But you forgot my fav – Eric from True Blood – would love to party with him! and the pic from you book is beautiful – not sure can participate in all – off on holiday tomorrow – have a bloody blast and don’t run while carrying a wooden stake 😀

    • Hi Sue! *waving*

      You’re right! How could I forget Vampire Bill & Eric from True Blood??? *face palm*

      I’ve just sent them invitations and Eric will be happy to fill your dance card, I’m sure! 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by the Vampire Ball, and for the wooden stake safety tip! LOL

      Lisa 🙂

  • This has been such fun. I’m loving attending all the parties. So, I’m now a fan on FB, following you on Twitter, am a fan on Goodreads, and added your book to my TBR list.

    Also, going to fight whoever for a dance with Johnny Depp.

    Would love to have you as a fan on FB and Goodreads– L. j. Charles.

    This is a great promo. Hope you do really well with it.
    Lucie j.

    • Hi Lucie! *waving*

      Glad you’re enjoying the parties on the Blog Hop!!! 🙂

      And the thumb wrestling matches for dancing with Johnny Depp will be over by the punch bowl… LOL

      I’ll go look you up on Goodreads & FB too!

      Thanks for stopping by the Vampire Ball!!! I hope you win fun stuff…. 🙂


  • wyndwhisper

    Hi Lisa,
    My favorite Vampire is actually late to your ball, he is Dracula played by Frank Lugosi . i say him play this part when i was younger(not telling how young) and i decided that no one has played it as well or as sexy since.
    so he gets my vote.

    • Hi Wynd! *waving*

      Do you mean Bela Lugosi? 🙂 He’s definitely a classic! And I’m sure he’ll be thrilled to find you waiting for a dance with him when he arrives!!! Yay!!!

      THanks for stopping by the Vampire Ball!!! Great to meet you!

      Lisa 🙂

      • wyndwhisper

        Sorry about that i meant Frank Langella he recently played in “The Box” with Cameron Diaz. he was the man that brought the box to her house. i always get his last name and bella lugosi’s last name mixed up. LOL!

  • Tannis

    Ill take Brad Pitt lol! I liked your facebook page and your good reads page as well as added your book to my to be read list! Thank you for participating!!! 🙂

    • Hi Tannis –

      You’ve got delicious brooding Brad as Louis on your dance card… I bet he dances a romantic Viennese Waltz! 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by the Vampire Ball!!!

      Lisa 🙂

  • Louisa Bacio

    Yeah! Gotta love a party! My fav? Oh, I have to go with Eric from True Blood. That’s a LOT of man at 6’4″ — or shall I say vampire … hmmm.

    And I think you could find me if you needed to! Also added you on Good Reads. I’m new there ….

    • Hi Louisa –

      I love Goodreads!!! 🙂 Glad to get connected there…

      And yes you can definitely add Eric to your dance card!!! I’m pretty sure he’s on his way from Fangtasia right now! LOL

      Thanks for stopping by the Vampire Ball…

      Lisa 🙂

  • Dee Bibb

    Hey Lisa…I’m already a friend on Goodreads, like your writer page, I already follow you on twitter….so I jumped on the blog subscription and joined your newsletter….I think I got it all!!!

    Looks like this is going to be loads of fun! Thanks for hosting!

    dbibb5134 at gmail dot com

    • Hi Dee!!! *waving*

      SO we’re completely social media connected now??? YAY!!! LOL

      THanks for stopping by the Vampire Ball!!! So which fanged hottie did you want to dance with??? Hmmm…

      Lisa 🙂

  • Call me an old fashioned girl but Lestat! *sighs dreamily* yeah definitely

    • Hi Nicole –

      I’m old-school too! Lestat still makes my knees weak!!! *swoon* And believe it or not weak knees only improves my lame dance skills! LOL

      THanks for stopping by the Vampire Ball!!!

      Lisa 🙂

  • What fun! I’m just stopping by to say my dance partner would have to be Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. There is no why. It’s SPIKE! 😉 Cheers!

    • Hi Elen!!! *Waving*

      Spike & Angel!!!!! How could I have missed them??? *face palm* Yeesh!!!

      Of course you can dance with Spike! In fact, he’s rushing over right now…. LOL

      Thanks for stopping by the Vampire Ball Elen!!! (And thanks for tweeting about it too!!! You rock!!!)

      Lisa 🙂

  • I did all the following subscribe , newsletter, Facebook and Twitter

    AS for who would I want on my dance card decisions decisions I love Brad but would love to bring Eric from True Blood but then Johnny Depp as a vampire oh my .

    • Hi Donna –

      Isn’t Johnny Depp going to make a super delicious vampire??? YUM!!!!

      Thanks so much for stopping by the Vampire Ball and playing!!! Have fun with Eric, Brad Pitt & Johnny Depp… Lucky! 🙂


  • Ellen Trieu

    Hi Lisa! I’m so excited about this blog hop! I wish you and the authors the best of luck to run this blog hop smoothly! I look forward to reading your book, even if I do not win (: My email address is: I also followed you on twitter and liked your page on facebook (: I had a blast at the vampire ball! 😀

    • Hi Ellen! *waving*

      Thanks for stopping by the Vampire Ball!!! If you love vampires, you’ll love Night Walker! 🙂 Thanks for following! I’ll be sure to let you know when the book goes up for preorder…

      So which vampires would you like added to your dance card? 🙂 So many yummy choices! LOL


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  • Hey!!
    I iked you on facebook, follow you on twitter, added you on goodreads and you book (there I’m ElizabethGold) and newsletter.
    As for which one… can I have all of them?? No 🙁
    Well then I’ll have Callisto because hey he’s spanish I’m spanish makes sense right?? Well it does to me^^

    • Hey Melissa! *waving*

      Calisto is a super sexy Spaniard with a yummy accent and old world romance… I’ve also heard he’s an amazing dancer! LOL So good choice! 🙂

      THanks for following me and adding Night Walker on goodreads! 🙂 Nice to meet you…

      Enjoy the Vampire Ball!!! Hope you win!

      Lisa 🙂

  • YAY i am excited, thanks for this and did everything you asked!!!;))))))

    • WooHoo!!! Thanks for stopping by the Vampire Ball and connecting with me!!!

      I hope you win prizes… 🙂 So which hot vampire would you like to dance with? 🙂

      So many choices….

      Lisa 🙂

  • Shadow

    Hi! I want my dance card full, so can i have them all?? (guys, that is) lol And another you can add to your list of hotties is Stuart Townend. He was so hot it Queen of the Damned. 🙂 I liked you on fb, added you as a friend on goodreads, and signed up for your newsletter. This is an awesome party. Your a new to me author and your books sound awesome. There definitely going on wishlist. 🙂 Thank you!

    • Shadow

      oops..forgot my email. sorry. im really bad at that.

    • Ha! At this Vampire Ball greediness is just fine! LOL You can spin and keep changing partners all night!!! LOL

      Thanks so much for checking out my books!!! If you like vampires, you’ll love Night Walker! 🙂

      THanks for stopping by the Vampire Ball and playing!

      Lisa 🙂

  • Kristina H

    I love to dance, so I would try to dance with as many guys as I could. Hehe. 😉

    • Nothing wrong with that Kristina!!! I can respect a woman with goals… LOL

      Thanks for stopping by the Vampire Ball!!! Hope you win…. 🙂


  • my vampire dance card…
    1. lestat from queen of the damned
    2.louis interview with a vampire
    3.edward cullen of corse
    4.eric true blood
    5 jasper hale
    6.damon salvetore wait he may be my #1
    7. angel (buffy)
    8. spike ”
    ok thats enough lol

    • Hi Terri –

      My daughter LOVES Jasper!!! 🙂 I just invited Angel & Spike to join us, so definitely add them to your list!!! LOL

      THanks for stopping by the Vampire Ball!!! I hope you’ll save room on your reading list for Calisto in Night Walker! If you love vampires, he should be right up your reading alley! 🙂


  • Shannon J.

    I loved the Lost Boys!! And Brad Pitt made a very sexy vampire!! 🙂
    Subscribe to blog- shannonjean14(at)gmail(dot)com
    FB and Goodreads Shannon Johnson
    twitter IandSsmom

    • Hi Shannon –

      The Lost Boys is one of my favorite vampire movies too!!! YUM!!!

      Thanks so much for stopping by the Vampire Ball!!! Hope you win…. 🙂


  • Better believe I’m in–and I’m definitely filling up my dance card with Pam. And Pam. And wait, did I mention Pam?
    She’s gotta be the hottest vampire ever… or maybe that’s just me. (Plus, she’d be more likely to dance with me than with a dude. Loooooooooooove!) I’m also into Mina Harker (the graphic novel version is even hotter).

    And for the male half of my card… hm. I like the suggestion of Stuart Townsend as Lestat in QotD–though that film was unfortunate in many ways, at least Lestat and Akasha were hot, right? And for my final dude… Frank Langella as Dracula. So good. So very, very good.

    I’m already your friend on twitter and goodreads–why did I not have your author page liked on fb?! (Okay, it’s my personal account under my actual name, but it’s near enough.) Done!

    (kate AT kvtaylor DOT com… which you might’ve guessed!)

    • Ha! I did guess!!! LOL Hi Kate!!! *waving*

      I’m not over here answering blog comments when I’m supposed to be emailing you a Fae Awareness blog… Nope! LOL I’m multi-tasking! 🙂

      You are the second person to mention Frank! I need to look up that version of Dracula! I’ve never seen it…

      Thanks for stopping by the Vampire Ball!!! Enjoy dancing with both the boys AND the girls!!! LOL Wouldn’t Catherine Zeta-Jones be a gorgeous vampire? Wow!

      Lisa 🙂

      • Oooh yeah, she would!

        You know who else? Susan Sarandon from The Hunger. (I’d say David Bowie too, but that’s just too sad :/)

        Love the review–working on getting a cool movie poster for it now 😀 Thank you, Lisa!

        • Oh yay!!! Let me know when it’s up and I’ll tweet and facebook the link everywhere…


          Lisa 🙂

  • +1: Thank you for joining the blog hop. Your books sound great and your vampire Calisto is yummy! Would love to let him nibble on my neck. I would love to bring some of the guys from Lynsay Sands and Kerrelyn Sparks vampire series with me, especially those lovely Scottish Highlander Vamps from Kerrelyn Sparks’ series.
    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

    *Subscribed to blog: manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com +2
    Liked facebook page: June Manning +2
    Follow on twitter: JuneAnnM +2
    Added as friend on goodreads: June Manning +2
    Signed up for newsletter: manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com +5

    • Hi June –

      Calisto is yummy! 🙂 Can’t wait for you to meet him August 5th!!! LOL

      Thanks so much for stopping by the Vampire Ball!!! I’ll see what I can do about inviting the Sparks & Sands vampires to the party too… LOL

      Hope you win…

      Lisa 🙂

  • I’m in love with your guests! And what you did with the pictures is priceless! Love it! You are quite the dis Lisa!

    • Hi Monique –

      I’m so glad you like our immortal guests! 🙂 So who are you adding toyour dance card? LOL

      Thanks so much for stopping by the Vampire Ball!!!

      Lisa 🙂

  • Leticha Brewster

    Ok 🙂 I added you on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, & signed up for your newsletter.

    I’m very happy I decided to check out this blog hop!

    Leticha Brewster

    • Hi Leticha –

      I’m glad you checked out the blog hop too!!! 🙂 Did you select a yummy vampire to dance with?

      Thanks for entering and stopping by the Vampire Ball!!! I hope you win… 🙂


  • JeanP

    Calisto is very yummy looking. I signed up for your newsletter and liked you on facebook
    skpetal at hotmail dot com

    • Hi Jean –

      So glad you like Calisto!!! 🙂 I think he’s pretty delicious too! LOL

      Thanks so much for signing up for the newsletter… I’ll be releasing the book trailer later this week and my newsletter subscribers will get a sneak peek! 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by the Vampire Ball!!!

      Lisa 🙂

  • Renee Bennett

    Hi Lisa
    I just added you as a friend on Goodreads and following you there.
    Signed up for newsletter.
    Want Calisto. Is he HOT or what?

    What a great contest.

    • Hi Renee! *waving*

      Ha! I think Calisto is super hot too!!! 🙂 Plus he likes to waltz at the water’s edge of teh Pacific Ocean… Yum!!!

      I’m glad you signed up for the newsletter!!! The Night Walker book trailer will be revealed later this week and newletter peeps will get the first look! 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by the Vampire Ball!!!

      Lisa 🙂

  • Isis Nocturne

    I’d have SPIKE on my dance card for most of the night because he actually knows how to waltz, etc since he was Victorian in his human life, but I’d also leave room for Van Helsing’s Dracula just because he’s such a charmer. 😉

    And WOW! Calisto is GORGEOUS!!! mmmmmmmm!

    • Isis Nocturne

      Oh, and lest I forget, I also subscribed to your blog, liked your writer page on FB, added you on Goodreads as a friend, added Night Walker to my TBR list, and signed up for your newsletter, as well as following you on Twitter. 🙂 Should I win *fingers crossed, as I REALLY want those trading cards*, my email is isisnocturne1369 (at) me (dot) com.

      • Thanks for connecting with me everywhere Isis!!! You rock!!! 🙂 The book trailer is going to be unveiled later this week and my newsletter peeps are going to get the sneak peek! 🙂


    • Hi Isis! *waving*

      Not only is Calisto gorgeous, but he’s got a Spanish accent and taught Kate to waltz at the edge of the waves of the pacific ocean…. *sigh* He’s totally yummy! 🙂 So save him a space on your dance card too!!! 🙂

      Although Spike & Van Helsing’s Dracula are both super yummy picks also!!!

      Thanks for stopping by the Vampire Ball!!! I hope you win! 🙂


  • Diane Taylor

    Hey, you forgot a couple Vampires:
    Blade , Eric Northman, Bill Compton… *poutpout* Oh, and Damien from The Lair… can’t forget him.
    Yummy Men all around.. hehehe

    • Hi Diane! *waving*

      I was trying to stick to movie vamps, but I’ve already sent invites to Bons Temps for Vampire Bill & Eric so no worries!!! I’m sure they’ll be here with their dancing shoes on shortly! LOL

      Anyone else you’d like on your dance card? 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by the Vampire Ball!!!

      Lisa 🙂

      • Diane Taylor

        Spike…. Vachon, Nicholas Knight and LaCroix from Forever Knight, Ummm Ummm… *looking over her list of sexy beings* Ummmm…. *sigh* That’s all I can think of at th e moment…

        • Hee! What a great list!!! 🙂

          I already sent a late invite to Spike and Nicholas Knight… We’ll see if we can get the rest of your immortals to visit too!!! LOL

          Thanks for visiting the Vampire Ball Diane!!! You rock!!!

          Lisa 🙂

          • Diane Taylor

            I’d also add Julian Luna from Kindred: The Embraced but.. unfortunately, he’s no longer with us in Unlife… or death. *His human actor was killed in a motorcycle accident after taping only 8 episodes*

          • Oh no!!! That’s sad…

            I’ll have to look him up…


  • Sabrina Ford

    My dance card would have Bones from Night Huntress, Z from BDB, Eric from True Blood, and Mick St. John from Moonlight.

    I follow you on twitter, facebook, goodreads, added your book, subscribed to your blog and newsletter. Thanks so much for doing this.

    • Sabrina Ford

      I forgot to add my email

      • Hi Sabrina! *waving*

        I have the Moonlight series on DVD but I havent’ watched it yet… It’s good though, right? 🙂

        Thanks for connecting with me onlin and for stopping by the Vampire Ball!!! Hope you win! 🙂


  • I think on my dance card would have to be the dark haired one from Vampire Diaries, Ian Somerhalder (I think that’s his name!) Thanks!


    • Hi Felicia! *waving*

      I have never seen Vampire Diaries!!! LOL I’m a horrible tv watcher these days… I’ll get an invitation out to him right away.. I’m sure he’ll be here ready to dance in no time! LOL

      Thanks for stopping by the Vampire Ball!!!

      Lisa 🙂

  • What a great blog and what fun. They are all so delicious. I can choose. So, I will let them choose for me. Thanks for having such a wonderful ball.

    • oops….in case they want to reach me after the ball….. :=

      • Hee! That would help…

        Hope you win!

        Lisa 🙂

    • Hi Shanon! *waving*

      Thanks for stopping by the Vampire Ball!!! 🙂 I’m sure the handsome immortal men would love to spin you around the floor… 🙂


  • kym amaral

    Hi Lisa, I think Ive been sitting here staring,er …um drooling for well over an hour. Calisto is HOT HOT HOT !!

    I follow u on goodreads, added your book. already a newletter suscriber. I follow you on twitter and fb , and I am going to try Leannes puppy eyes, to see if the randomizer notices, LOL

    Thanks for the fun blog hop and I cant wait to read your newest book !
    Forgive me…if I sneak away with Calisto for a bit 😉


    • Hi Kym!!! *waving*

      I agree with you about Calisto!!! 🙂 And he can dance a romantic waltz on the beach in the moonlight… Woot! Shew! 🙂

      So if you win the trading cards I’ll have to send you an extra set, one to keep and one for drooling! LOL

      Thanks for stopping by the Vampire Ball!!! Hope you win… 🙂


  • LorettaLynn

    Eric from True blood..I would want to dance with him all night long…

    Thanks for the giveaway

    • Hi LorettaLynn! *waving*

      I believe the line to thumb wrestle for a chance to dance with Eric from True Blood is forming over by the punch bowl! LOL

      You’ve got good taste!!! 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by the Vampire Ball!!!

      Lisa 🙂

  • Subscribed to blog and liked on FB(sue brandes). I would pick Antonio Bandaras. OMG He is hot and oh so sexy!
    Fun post!
    Sue B

    • Hi Sue! *waving*

      Oh if you love Antonio Banderas, then Calisto will curl your toes!!! 🙂 LOL

      Thanks for stopping by the Vampire Ball!!! I hope you win…. 🙂


  • Michelle Bourassa

    Liking you on FB and already getting your newsletter.
    My choice is definitely Calisto, or Armand (movie version) Dark, sexy, the deep voice and accent. Some sexy hot latin dances would be fantastic.

    • Hi Michelle! *waving*

      Calisto has Antonio Banderas’ Spainsh accent…. And fangs! Yum! 🙂 I like your dance card! LOL

      Thanks for playing and stopping by the Vampire Ball!!!

      Lisa 🙂

  • Since this is fantasy I am so going to be bringing Laurell K. Hamilton’s Jean-Claude and Asher 😀 Why settle for 1 when I can have 2 lol

    • Hi Leanne! *waving*

      You can dance with as many vampires as you want at this Vampire Ball!!! LOL

      NO settling…. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by the Vampire Ball Leanne!!! I appreciate your support….

      Lisa 🙂

  • Just love the photo of you and a werewolf! Awesome sauce!!
    And my dance card is full…. Stuart Townsend as Vampire Lestat promised to keep me company all night long (Ha, a girl can dream!)

    • Hi JoAnne!!! *waving*

      Wasn’t that a cool werewolf??? LOL He was wandering around the Vampire Ball at RT! LOL Silly werewolf! 🙂

      I think you’re not the only one with Stuart Townsend on your dance card… We might have to start a second thumb wrestling line over by Eric from True Blood! LOL

      Thanks for stopping by the Vampire Ball JoAnne!!!

      Lisa 🙂

  • SydneyGen

    Hi! I am really loving the blog hop and discovering authors to add to my To Be read list!
    I’ve done everything you asked for an extra 11 points!

    My dance card would definitely go to the Lost Boys because they are the ones who started me down this road I’m on today!! Gotta love the classics

    🙂 SydneyGen – SydneyTwimum

    • Hi SydneyGen!

      I’m with you on the Lost Boys!!! One of my all-time favorite vampire movies!!! LOL Love vampires on motorcycles! Yum!!! 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by the Vampire Ball!!! I hope you win….

      Lisa 🙂

  • I’m already a fan, follower of Facebook and Twitter, signed up for newsletter. See you were already that fantastic you didn’t need a contest. 🙂 Love the picture blog!

    • Ha!!! Thank you Ciara!!!! *HUGS* 🙂

      I’m glad you enjoyed the blog!!! THanks so much for stopping by and commenting!!!

      Lisa 🙂

  • Cori

    I would definitely choose Calisto!! That way I could get to know him without having to wait so long for his book!! LOL

    • Yay!!! 🙂 I think you’ll like Calisto…. And he dances a very romantic waltz!!! 🙂

      THanks for stopping by the Vampire Ball and commenting Cori!!!

      Lisa 🙂

  • Antonio for sure! Brad Pitt if he’s not busy and Johnny Depp is #1 on my list. I’m following the blog, signed up for the newsletter, became a fan on Good Reads and will follow on Twitter.

    • Hi Marika! *waving*

      I think Johnny Depp is going to make a delicious vampire too!!! Yum!!!

      Thanks so much for stopping by the Vampire Ball and commenting…. Hope you win!

      Lisa 🙂

  • Jennifer

    I think my dance card would have to be Louie, Lestat’s friend. He’s sufficiently dark and creepy, but also has a sort of engaging and endearing charm. Definitely an intriguing dance partner.

    • Hi Jennifer! *waving*

      I bet Louis would be an intriguing dance partner… But I’m a sucker for bad boy Lestat! LOL

      Thanks for stopping by the Vampire Ball!!! Hope you had a great time…

      Lisa 🙂

  • I follow you on Twitter and couldn’t believe until just now that I didn’t follow you on your blog. Mistake quickly corrected.
    Now, who bout a dance and I promise I won’t bite.

    • Hi Lindsay! *waving*

      Thankd for subscribing to my blog! 🙂

      So which vampire did you choose to fill your dance cards? LOL

      Thanks for stopping by the Vampire Ball!!! Hope you had a great time…

      Lisa 🙂

  • Kayleigh@ K-Books

    Wow what an awesome giveaway lisa.
    Y is my eric from True Blood not there??? ;P
    i would have to go with the lost boys, but i can’t only choose one of them.

    I subscribe 2 ur blog and follow on twitter.

    cnt wait to read Night Walker

    • Hi Kayleigh! *waving*

      Eric was a late invite, but he’s here… You have to thumb wrestle the other ladies for a chance to dane with him though! LOL Line is forming over at the punch bowl… 🙂

      I love the Lost Boys too!!! YUM!!!

      Thanks for stopping by the Vampire Ball!!! It’s always great to see you…

      Lisa 🙂

  • Diana

    I would have on my dance card Eric from True blood. Eric is the only reason I love the true blood series.
    And Hugh Jackman. I think is the perfect man. I would like to see him as Vampire.
    I subscribed to your blog
    Twitter follower: @artdem83
    Added as friend on goodreads: Diana
    Added your book
    Signed up for your newsletter

    Thanks for the great giveaway and hop!

    • Hi Diana! *waving*

      OMG I think Hugh Jackman would be a DELICIOUS vampire!!! I loved him so much in Van Helsing… All tortured hero… YUM!!!

      You’re got awesome taste! LOL

      THanks for stopping by the Vampire Ball and entering… I hope you win! 🙂


  • Rhonda Helton

    I can`t wait to read your books. I had to add them to my must reads!
    Thanks for joining the hop.

    • YAY!!! Thank you RHonda!!! 🙂

      I’m glad you’re excited about my books!!!! Thanks for stopping by the Vampire Ball!!!

      Lisa 🙂

  • I already love your books! I own two of them so far 🙂 edysicecreamlover18ATgmailDOTcom
    twitter stalker: Icecream1891
    fb: Lindsay Ann
    Good Reads: Krystal Carson and I added your novel as a to-read
    signed up for your newsletter with the above email address
    subscribed to your blog as Krystal Larson

    • Hi Krystal –

      Thank you so much for buying my books!!! You rock!!! 🙂

      I’m glad you enjoyed the stories!!!

      Thanks for stopping by the Vampire Ball and entering… I hope you win!!!


  • Hi Lisa, a little late stopping by, but here I am! Please don’t enter me in the contest. I just wanted to stop by and congratulate you again on Nightwalker. I have spoken with Roxanne and I’m on the tour for August! Woot! Love your post, by the way. Love all the vamp pics. 🙂

    • HI Michelle! *waving*

      YAY!!!! So glad to hear I’ll be on your blog in August!!! How cool is that??? 🙂

      Thanks so much for all your support and encouragement over the years!!! You’re a great lady….


      Lisa 🙂

  • Hi there,

    Can I have a fictional character on my card? If so I know he’s from another author but I was quite taken by Drustan Mackeltar in Kiss Of The Highlander by Karen M Moning.
    I’ve added a friend request thru goodreads.
    Ive added to my read list both your books.

    I’m having fun finding authors I hadn’t heard of..sorry about that..but now I have:D

    Michelle Auricht

    • Hi Michelle! *waving*

      I’m so glad you found me! LOL

      I’m afraid the vampires might be offended if a Highlander shows up to their Vampire Ball though! LOL Could you get him to wear false fangs and blend in? 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!!! Hope you win…


  • Michelle Bledsoe

    OMG….first of LUV Cruela…there is no one better….LOL
    For my dance card it would have to be Calisto because, hello the sexy spanish accent. Yummilicious…
    I did all of the extra entries.
    koonie2888 at yahoo dot com

    • HI Michelle! *waving*

      You are a girl after my own heart!!! 🙂

      You made a good choice in dance partners… Calisto’s accent is swoon-worthy! LOL

      Thanks for stopping by the Vampire Ball and entering!!! I hope you win…. 🙂


  • katrina whittaker

    Hi ** waves ** Id love Calisto to whirl me round the dancefloor ** he looks powerful and could see myself being twiriled and thrilled all night long !!! and a spanish accent whohooo **
    Vampire ball here I come,, cant wait to read your books, I have done all the extra entries 😉 and alrady follow you over at facebook

    • Hi Kat!! *waving*

      Great to see you!!! Calisto is a fabulous choice!!! Can’t wait for you to meet him in Night Walker! 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by the Vampire Ball!!! Send the rest of the Sirens over before it closes tonight! LOL

      Hope you win….

      Lisa 🙂

  • I love anything Johnny Depp does and am so excited for Dark Shadows and yum, love Fright Night and what a hunk vampire, until his face goes all creepy 🙂

    I’ve done all extra entries(Twitter-@joleneallcock) and goodreads name-Jolene Allcock


    • Hi Jolene! *waving*

      You made it to the Vampire Ball just in the nick of time before the dance is sadly closed… 🙂

      And I agree with you Chris Sarandon was a delicious vampire in Fright Night until the monster make-up takes over! LOL

      Enjoy JOhnny Depp as Barnabas Collins…. 🙂

      And thanks so much for stopping byt he Vampire Ball!!! I hope you win…

      Lisa 🙂

  • desiree

    hi im doing the hop and i like the stuff i see good luck with the book

  • desiree

    if i could dance with some one it would be liberache you ask why he was great man
    and i seen him and the rock Hudson and they were some of the great actor and and singers i got to know and work for

  • Frank Morris

    I turn to a vampire any time i want to. i become a vampire because of how people treat me, this world is a wicked world and not fair to any body. at the snack of my finger things are made happened. am now a powerful man and no one step on me without an apology goes free. i turn to human being also at any time i want to. and am one of the most dreaded man in my country. i become a vampire through the help of my friend who introduce me into a vampire kingdom by given me their email. if you want to become a powerful vampire kindly contact the vampire kingdom on their email

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