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Hi everyone!

If you haven’t heard the news, WOLF MOON, book 7 in the Moon Series, just hit eReaders everywhere this week and you’ve already made it a KOBO bestseller! It’s been in the Top 50 Romance Titles on KOBO all week! J

Thanks SO Much for all your support for the Wolf Pack! 😀

It’s been a tradition with this series that I run a photo contest with readers and their copy of the book on their eReader. I LOVE seeing all of you from around the world with the books, and I also love that you all are a part of this Wolf Pack! So get me your pics! At the beginning of March I’ll make a new reader collage and we’ll let the Randomizer choose our winners! 😀

There are TWO signed paperbacks of WOLF MOON up for grabs, and I will ship them anywhere, so International readers are welcome and appreciated!

Here’s the last couple reader collages to give you some inspiration… J

This is the first time one of the books has released near Valentine’s Day, so we’ve got a handy Quiz to find your perfect Werewolf Date from the Pack! 😀 Have fun and let me know who you got paired with in the comments… 🙂


And don’t forget your WOLF MOON & Me Pics! 🙂 You can post the pics on social media and tag me or email them to me at LdyDisney at

Can’t wait to see all of you! 😀


PS – If you haven’t gotten your copy yet, here are all the links to grab it!

 WOLF MOON – Book 7 in the Moon Series


As the last Pack member without a mate, Luke Reynolds has become an outsider. When he takes a job as the head horse trainer in Sedona, Arizona, he’s looking forward to starting a new life. But everything changes the night he finds a beautiful woman stranded on the side of the highway.

Raven Wood has been bitten and turned against her will. Luckily, her spirit is stronger than most, and she has every intention of escaping the Sedona Pack. Somehow. The sexy lone wolf who rescues her might be just the answer she’s looking for.

But the Sedona Pack Alpha has a mission, and unless Luke and Raven can stop him, they’ll lose everything.

Note: Each book in the Moon series is a standalone, full-length story that can be enjoyed out of order.

Praise for the Moon Series:

“Lisa Kessler is an author to remember!” – Sherrilyn Kenyon #1 NYT Bestselling Author

Best Shifter Series of 2015 – Paranormal Romance Guild Reviewers Choice

“…an author that knows how to do paranormal romance right.” — Rabid Reads

If you love suspenseful/mystery shifter stories, don’t hesitate to hit the “buy” button on the Moon Series! – Snarky Mom Reviews

Praise for Wolf Moon:

5 stars – Another winner by Lisa Kessler filled with suspense, secrets, surprises, sex, violence and mouth watering shifters. I loved each and every book in the series and hope that there is more coming. – Linda Tonis, Paranormal Romance Guild

5 stars: “One-click now and follow along as two people fated to be together find one another amongst dangerous circumstances…I loved Luke and Raven’s story.” ~Elizabeth N, Goodreads

5 stars: “[Lisa Kessler] works her own type of magic on the reader pulling you into her world of wolf shifters and romance. A combination that has become a guilty obsession of mine…..not to mention my love of everything I’ve read by this author. It’s sure to become a guilty addiction of yours too!” ~Patricia, Goodreads

4 stars: “Another great edition to the series, and with plenty of action and suspense, not to mention the chemistry and heat sizzling between Luke and Raven, you can’t go wrong with this story. Nicely done Ms. Kessler.” ~Katrina B, Goodreads

5 stars: “Lisa Kessler has done it again!!!! I started reading this story…and could not put it down! […] Love…Mystery…Suspense…Danger…this book has it all!! You have to read it!!!” ~Jan M, Goodreads

4.5 stars: “Fans have waited a long time for Luke’s story… and it’s well worth the wait! It’s romantic, suspenseful, action-packed, fast-paced…and yummy.” ~Linda – Reading Between the Wines Book Reviews

5 stars: “Wow! All I can say about this book is wow. In more ways than one, it drew me in quickly. Lisa [Kessler] continues her wolf pack stories with my continued fascination. […] I enjoyed this book so much.” ~Bobbi H, Goodreads

5 stars: “There is plenty of action and romance, along with brilliant writing that keeps you absorbed from the first page to the last. It leads you on a rollercoaster of emotions as you get to know Luke and Raven and see how they overcome obstacles to find there own happy ever after.” ~E Tool, Goodreads

4 stars: “Wolf Moon was an excellent read. This book was definitely fast paced and a nail biter at times. But let’s not forget the few steamy scenes between Luke and Raven…Definitely worth a re-read.” ~Julie – 2 Girls Who Love Books Blog

5 stars: “I really can’t say enough good things about Ms. Kessler’s writing. There is so much love and tenderness between her characters, including in this book, it’s wonderful. […] If you like an all-around romantic, quick, great read, you can’t go wrong with this book.” ~Penny N, Goodreads

5 stars: “Luke and Raven must work together to save their respective packs from a megalomaniacal jerk and if they happen to fall in love along the way it just gives them a reason to survive. Wolf Moon is a terrific addition to the series and a joy to read.” ~Donna, Goodreads

  • Angela Mary Johnson

    Let’s see which one of the pack would be my perfect Valentine?
    Mmmm I wonder who I would choose?
    I bet YOU can answer that for me can’t you Lisa?
    <3 <3 <3

    • I bet you could pick every Gareth answer in that quiz… The song might be tricky… 🙂 <3

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