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The Sentinels of Savannah are setting sail again!

PIRATE’S PLEASURE is available NOW! This is book 3 in the series, but it can be read as standalone too. This time the Sea Dog crew is chasing after Pandora’s Box, and the stakes have never been higher! Be sure to check out the first chapter sneak peek below too!

No one steals from this pirate…

John Smyth has survived mutinous pirate crews, wars, and the passage of centuries by keeping his life as he did his ships, organized and well stocked. But when his crew is tasked with stealing Pandora’s Box for the government, it opens a door to destruction, and her name is Harmony Andrews.

A risk-taking investment broker by day, and a thief by night, Harmony is a member of the underground Digi Robins crew. Stealing relics to sell on the dark web, they donate the money to people without insurance who need life-saving medical treatments.

What she doesn’t realize is the box she just stole is the very one her boss is looking for––the boss who just happens to be an immortal pirate. And as their adventure heads into the danger zone, she doesn’t know what’s more dangerous: the risk to her life or the risk to her heart.

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You can read the 1st Chapter of PIRATE’S PLEASURE  on my website

Pirate’s Pleasure is John Smyth, our Sea Dog’s Boatswain’s book, and it was a thrill to see how Harmony challenged him to really live instead of simply existing.

Can’t wait for you to read it!






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