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Hi everyone –

As you can see, I did survive the trip to New York! YAY! Thanks so much for all your good thoughts and emails… You rock!!!

So the brief run down from RWA National is that not only did I not get lost, I had a great time and met some amazing writers!!!

Me and the Fabulous Angie Fox at the Literacy Signing

And I got to meet one of my Twitter buddies and

Author of Goodnight Tweetheart, Teresa Medeiros!!!

I also got to see a Broadway show! J We went to see The Addams Family!

It was Brooke Shields’ second show as Morticia! She did a super job… J And afterward I got to meet her!!!!

She was very sweet and spoke to every single kid who had waited after the show to see her… Nice lady!

I also got a pic with Roger Rees who played a spectacular Gomez! We loved him!!! J

(Not sure why my phone camera decided to wig-out, but oh well…)

And here is the surreal moment of the NYC conference…

My Night Walker promo was in the Goodie Room!!!

The trading cards went like hotcakes! I had to replenish the Calisto cards every time I visited! YAY!

For my writer friends who have been asking about the publisher spotlights, I attended the Samhain, St. Martin’s and TOR spotlights. All three want paranormal and urban fantasy. TOR is also looking for mainstream YA. Samhain also wants steampunk, space opera, and superhero romances… Hope that helps! J

So now I’m back home with less than three weeks until Night Walker’s release… Yikes! 🙂

I’m doing all I can to get the word out about Night Walker. As a debut author, promotion is probably the biggest hurdle since I haven’t made a name for myself just yet. Nora Roberts and Stephen King can put a book out and people hunt for it…

Lisa Kessler puts it out there and most people don’t even know to look! LOL

But I’ve got a few plans, and I’m lucky to have the most AMAZING street team in the world behind me, so we’re shooting for world domination… Why not, right? J

First step? Goodreads! J

Night Walker has been added to three different Listopia lists. What’s that? I asked the same thing! LOL Basically they’re public lists that people vote on… As titles move up into the top 10 more people see them and add them to their to-read lists.

So if you could toss Night Walker a few votes that will really help to spread the word about the book…

Vote here for Best Cover of 2011…

Vote here for First in New Series 2011…

And you can Vote here for What’s the book you can’t wait to read this summer?

And if you’re a Goodreads lover you can also recommend friends add Night Walker to their to-read lists. It’s super easy, just click on the Night Walker page in the top right corner you’ll see “Recommend it” click that and it’ll show you a list of friends… Woot!

Next step in the quest for world domination? Tumblr! J

If you’re not on Tumblr yet, it’s simple, fast and a fun way to connect with people from around the world. It’s different than facebook and twitter… You post things and hope it gets “reblogged”… This kind of viral marketing can really give you exposure. You should see how Tumblr explodes every Sunday night after the new True Blood episode! LOL

If you love Eric Northman you are REALLY missing out not being on Tumblr! LOL And if you are on Tumblr, please look me up! I’d love to follow you back!

This weekend I’m participating in another author blog-hop with a couple fabulous prizes, so I hope you’ll all swing by for the Treasure Hunt blog hop on Sunday… I’ll be giving away a signed copy of Night Walker and *drum roll* I think I’ll have posters of the Night Walker cover too!!! SQUEE!!!

Thanks SO much for all your support for Night Walker and me! I’m very nervous and excited with butterflies in my stomach as the calendar moves closer to August! Sorry to be so full of promotional craziness, but when you’re this close to your dreams you have to reach out a little farther, right?

See you Sunday, same bat time, same bat channel, and we’ll have some Mayan Mystery fun!!!


  • Hi Lisa 🙂

    The cover looks amazing.

    I am SO looking forward to reading NIGHT WALKER.

    I am also very excited/enthused/joyous/proud of/for you.

    Love & Best wishes to you & yours,


    PS- I don’t suppose you know where I can get a paperback ACROSS THE VEIL for less than $142.35?

    • Thanks SO much Rob!!!! *HUGS* 🙂 It’s been a LOOONG road!!! LOL

      And yes you can get a print version for MUCH less than $142!!! Isn’t that nuts??? I don’t even know who that company is???

      Try lulu… It’s only $12 and comes in like a fancy magazine with a glossy pretty cover… 🙂

      Thanks for reading and commenting Rob!!! Your support means so much to me!!!


      Lisa 🙂

  • The pics are fab, Lisa!

    So exciting about Night Walker launch, can’t wait!!!

    Signed ‘Future Girl’ (late Friday arvo here!)

    • Future Girl!!!!! *HUGS*

      Thanks for stopping by!!! I hope Friday is going to be great? How’s it looking so far over there in the future?

      Lisa 🙂

  • Nina Croft

    I think world domination is definitely within your grasp, Lisa! And I’m sure Night Walker is going to be a brilliant success!

    • Thanks Nina!!! 🙂 I hope eeryone enjoys Night Walker… Now that I’m done with all the edits and galleys for the book I’m getting nervous! LOL

      I loved Break Out!!! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and commenting!!!

      Lisa 🙂

  • Lisa, thanks so much for the info. Love the Broadway pics! ( : It’s been ages since I’ve been to NY. I’m envious. LOL! RWA sounds fabulous and I hope to one day go. I’m grateful for authors like you sharing what you experienced.

    • Hi Gabriella!!! *waving*

      Definitely take the chance to go to RWA National when you can… It’s well worth the expense and the networking is great too! Wonderful to be with so many like-minded writers!!! 🙂

      Glad you enjoyed the pics! Thanks for commenting!!


  • Lisa! The time is drawing near for Night Walker–I’m so excited! Looks like you had such fun in NYC. I’m envious!

    • Hi Chris! *waving*

      NYC was a SO fun!!! And I had a blast with my roomie, Mary Leo!!! LOL We hardly slept! 🙂

      Glad you enjoyed the pics! Thanks for commenting!!

      PS – I’m stating to get nervous about Night Walker! Yikes! LOL

  • Wow. Looks like you had great fun. Wish I could have been there this year. But next year is in California!!!! Hope to run into you!

    I’ve heard of Tumblr but haven’t jumped in, and now I’m seeing Google+? I can’t keep up. LOL!!

    • Hi Lynn! *waving*

      We definitely have to be sure we meet up at RWA next year!!! It’ll be at my favorite place in the world… Disneyland!!! 🙂

      I’m on Google + now too, but so far I’m not super excited about it. It’s very similar to facebook… TUmblr is a kick, I just need to get better at using it… 🙂

      Thanks for commenting!!


  • sue

    I see you had a ball in the rotten apple! and I will get the book as soon as I can So glad it comes in paper too
    Can’t stay – trying to write blurbs which is prob hardest thing ever did – oy veh 😀

    • Hi Sue! *waving*

      Oh writing blurbs is very hard work!!! Good luck with it! 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!!! I’m glad Night Walker will be in paperback too!

      Lisa 🙂

  • Fantastic pics…It looks like an amazing time….

    • Thanks Savannah!!! 🙂

      I did have a great time and networked with some fabulous writers… I was really luck I got to make the trip…

      Thanks for commenting!

      Lisa 🙂

  • loved the pics!! Reading Across the Veil now and loving it. Can’t wait for Night Walker!

    • Hi Mandie! *waving*

      I’m glad you’re enjoying Across the Veil! Yay! I’d love to expand that one into a novel-length book someday… 🙂

      Thanks for commenting!

      Lisa 🙂

  • wow, you have been a busy lady! 🙂 look forward to reading your book! and spreading the word.

    • Woot!!! Thanks so much Sharon!!! 🙂

      Can’t wait for you to read it!!!

      Thanks for commenting!

      Lisa 🙂

  • Loved your pics, Lisa! Thanks for sharing the Spotlight information. Rock that promo, girl!!

    • Thanks Elen!!! 🙂 I’ll be rockin’ the promo for sure… Just trying not to tap dance over the line into annoying! LOL

      Thanks for commenting and happy dancing with me every week! You rock!!!

      Lisa 🙂

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